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    CruiseRVA reacted to Traveler in How to make disembarkation day easier to deal with   
    Post our last cruise I thought of several ideas how to make the embarkation day more bearable , please feel free to add some more of your ideas :
    Do not try to get even with the ultimate drinking package – try not to drink too much alcohol during the  last evening/night , it will make the morning easier. Try to go to sleep early so you will get several hours of sleep before leaving the ship. Avoid WJ at the disembarkation morning , try to go to another place for breakfast  , WJ is a mad house during disembarkation morning. The best time to fly back from the port will be 11:30 am – 1 PM (depends how far the port is from the airport) so you can leave the room around 8 am and go directly to the airport without the need to figure out what to do until your flight. If you have very late flight consider to take day stay in one of the hotels , nothing worse than walking  around with tired sad people around you trying to  pass time until your flight. Check your bill during the day before the last day so if you need to fix something with guest services you will not need to wait in long lines. If you have enough vacation time try to take few days to continue your ovation after the cruise , for example, you cruised from Orlando with the family ? why not to  add few days in the different parks. If you can , give yourself one day off at home before going back to work. If it is possible always try to do self disembarkation , it will allow you to control when to pack, when to go out from your room (up to 8:30 am) and you will not need to check if your numbers were called or not. User the Luggage Valet program if available . that way your suitcase will arrive directly to your home airport and you will not need to carry them before via custom.  Use the porters , some time they can save allot of time by using special queues. ·          
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    CruiseRVA got a reaction from DBeas0106 in Grandeur Holiday 2019   
    We cruised on Grandeur in May (5 nights to Bermuda) and loved it. We’re hoping to schedule another cruise for 2020. As previously noted, she doesn’t have some of the amenities that other ships have - no zip lines, water slides, etc. - but that was perfect for us. We are a couple in our 40’s and wanted a low key, relaxing vacation. Food ranged from good to very good; service was great. One of the shows was lots of fun (Motown review), others were somewhat painful, but that didn’t matter to us. Embarkation and debarkation were a breeze. Baltimore’s port is very easy to navigate. We had a great time and are ready to go again!
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    CruiseRVA reacted to Hagar in Aft Staterooms   
    I think I had an interior cabin the size of that balcony ?
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    CruiseRVA reacted to Skid in Communicating with family on board   
    That's a really great option. I am happy to hear it may not be as rare as it appears!?
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    CruiseRVA reacted to twangster in Just a few newbie questions   
    You may bring your own snorkel gear to CocoCay.
    You can use the app on Anthem (RoyalIQ) without buying Voom.  Just download it before you sail and connect to the ship's wifi without buying a Voom plan.  Then you can cancel MTD reservations when needed in the app.
    Easy.  Book another cruise.
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    CruiseRVA reacted to Carlos A. in SCAM! Website price bait-and-switch   
    Don't listen to them. Not all of us here at royalcaribbeanblog are like that.
    Is sad to see how some people on this board has become more and more hostile like the usual members of the "other site".
    Please don't be discouraged by some people who only appears to be trolling.
    I completely agree with all that you said. 
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    CruiseRVA reacted to KristenM in SCAM! Website price bait-and-switch   
    I am so with you. I am actually surprised by MANY people’s responses here. Including ones I would never expect it from. Thought this forum prided itself on being bigger people than those who critique their cruises on that other forum?? 
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    CruiseRVA got a reaction from coneyraven in Advice for visiting Bermuda?   
    These pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 
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    CruiseRVA reacted to Ditchdoc in Favorite Cruise Hack/ Tip   
    Some hotels near the port offer free (or discounted) cruise parking and/or shuttles. Parking at the port is usually the most expensive.  
    Bring Ziploc bags for wet items. Maybe even a dry bag (like kayakers use) if you plan to go to a beach. It not only keeps dry things dry but protects things like phones from sand and can help small items from getting lost.  
    From RCCL : “Royal Caribbean International has closed-circuit television cameras located in hundreds of strategic, public locations throughout the ship but not in private staterooms, public restrooms or private spa areas. These systems are upgraded as new and beneficial technologies are developed. Recordings from these cameras are routinely utilized by our security teams and made available to investigative authorities as requested.” So don’t get stupid.  
    The gold and silver by the inch chain … ain't. Its cheap plated/layered that is worth little and probably will make your skin turn green.  
    Breakfast and lunch are also served in the main dining room.  
    Wash your hands, frequently. Use hand sanitizer. Its almost everywhere on the ship. Stay healthy.  
    Some ports of call have pushy locals trying to hustle a dollar. Learn to ignore them and say no.  
    Drinks are cheaper in port. Unless you drink so much you miss the ship when it leaves.  
    Interior cabins are pitch black when the lights go out. You might what a night light or small flashlight.  
    If you are not flying, you can pack more. Just remember you must carry it and find a place for it in a relatively small cabin.  
    If flying to the departure port, go a night early and book a room near the port. It saves a lot of anxiety about boarding on time, late flights etc.  
    Guests services are usually open 24 hours. Unless it just can't wait, avoid lines by going during off hours.  
    Elevators – a right of way rule that is true everywhere in the world, not just ships: Wait for people to get off before you get on. Its polite, its courteous and it makes sense to enter a space that is less crowded.  
    Take a picture of your passport photo page on your phone. It just might come in handy for ID someday.  
    Take a light weight wind breaker/rain jacket. It can rain and cool off in the evenings, even in the tropics or on a deck underway. Standing at the rail in a slightly cool breeze, watching the reflection of the moon on the water with a loved one could be very romantic and more comfortable with a jacket. Towel clips – those over size clothes pins that hold your towel in place on a deck chair when it’s windy. Nuff said.  
    Ship photographers are always wanting to take your picture. Its free. Unless you want to buy the picture.  
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    CruiseRVA reacted to hayley_bopp in Favorite Cruise Hack/ Tip   
    I've been known to cruise with 12 pairs ?????
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    CruiseRVA reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Concierge on Grandeur of the Seas   
    Yes, we always tip our Concierge.  Depending upon how much they've done for us, we will tip between $20-$50.  They always seem very appreciative.
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    CruiseRVA reacted to JLMoran in Favorite Ports Without Excursions?   
    Bermuda, but only if the ship is doing an overnight stay. Great island to just explore and see what's there, and you have the freedom to try out whatever catches your fancy as you wander since there's no rush back to the ship. And if you just want to hang out somewhere and enjoy a few drinks, that's real easy too!
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