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  1. It looks like you are having a great start to your trip! I’m enjoying following along!
  2. I hope you had a great cruise! I would love to hear your review on it. We will be going next month!
  3. I’m so excited to follow along! I dream of going to Alaska one day!
  4. Has anyone recently experienced the day pass at Sonesta Maho Beach resort on St. Maarten? We have it booked for July 4th. The review for people staying at the resort have not been great since reopening but I was wondering how the day pass experience was? Thanks!
  5. I’m looking forward to following along! We are on the Harmony on June 30th and am looking forward to your thought on an oasis class!
  6. Thank you! We also love St. John. We want to be back in time for dinner on the boat so at 12pm arrival is keeping us from going there this time. I have also hear great things about Magen’s bay but have read it’s not great snorkeling. Thanks so much for your response!
  7. Hello fellow cruisers! My family and I are cruising on harmony of the sea on June 30th. This is our first time bringing our kids along (8 and 4 years old). Typically, when in St. Thomas, we head over to St. John and spend the day there. We are scheduled to be in port from 12pm to 8pm which I found odd. Since we are getting there so late, St John really isn’t an option for us, this time. We are looking for a nice beach where my 8 year old and I can enjoy good snorkeling while my 4 year old enjoys time playing on the beach. I worry that by the time we get off the boat, the beaches will be crowded. I have done some searching and it seems like sapphire beach might be nice for us. Any advice you have would be great!
  8. I’m excited to follow this! We are going on the Harmony in June with our 8 and 4 year old. We are also trying to stay on a budget. Enjoy you vacation!
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