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  1. Yep this is my thought. Sitting on my balcony off the coast of Miami for 2 weeks when I only paid for 4 days of cruising would be great! Even if I couldn't leave the cabin.. Sounds relaxing. I certainly wouldn't lose my job and have hundreds of hours of sick and vacation time, so.. hoping to still go!
  2. I am assuming this is piped in and not provided by live specimens?! haha Loving your blog so far!
  3. I was able to access drink and dining packages at 201 days (the day I booked) for Oasis. My Nav cruise in Jan 2021 is still 326 days away and does not show dining/beverage packages yet.
  4. I just looked into this and you can, actually! From HTL Rentals. $55 for the day. I was toying with getting one but the savings are minimal over the tour once you add Punta Sur admission and wouldn't include a guide or lunch or free tequila! So ended up with the tour after all.
  5. I am at 60 days till Oasis today and entertainment booking opened at noon PST! Got Aqua80, Frozen in Time and One Sky! Sorry CATS.
  6. Have you ever had experience changing the first night's reservation time? I finally pulled the trigger on the UDP for my Oasis cruise but the only time slot available to pick was 9pm. woof! We usually eat between 5-6 at home so hoping when I get on board we can mess with their pre-assigned reservation. While I'm asking! Have you ever had experience changing the first night's reservation place? Or do you have to go with whatever they've chosen?
  7. If I had to pick a port to stay on board from having taken this cruise in August (minus St. Maarten, of course), I would choose Antigua. The landscape was very reminiscent of California to me and the 2 beaches we stopped at on our circumnavigation of the island were not superior to the beaches we visited in St. Kitts, Barbados, and St. Thomas (St. Lucia we did the jungle). I love St. Maarten so I would've been so thrilled to add it... I do agree that this particular itinerary is exhausting since you don't have the break till day 7. Gotta get that relaxation in there somehow!
  8. I use cruisemapper.com for this! https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Celebrity-Summit-713 I only clicked on Halifax and Sydney but both of them are showing a port schedule for August 2020 and farrr beyond. Halifax you got the place to yourselves! Sydney not too bad!
  9. NO way!!!! Just comparing the "value" of price divided by number of days for certain classes of ships! I am not quite of an age to afford anything over a JS so I only look at those two variables. So if the price per day and total price look good I put it on a more refined list of maybe bookings.
  10. I have only sailed an interior as an 11 year old and even on a cruise with my very best friend we found the room lacking. AT 11. hahaha Suffice it to say I would pick 1 cruise/year with a balcony every time. On my 40-line cruise pricing spreadsheet I have not once priced a cruise for anything under OVB. I priced one Ocean View but it's only because it was on Empress and OVB isnt an option.
  11. I will be on that cruise too and am about to pull the trigger on the $96 UDP because I know Sabrina's fabulous blog will get me wanting specialty dining! We are only doing a OVB this time so no Coastal Kitchen for me (YET!)
  12. I feel the same way! I was so prepared for my first Royal cruise in August as the adult-in-charge because of these boards. I went on a Holland America cruise after that in December and basically got on knowing nothing since I didn't have the same resources. Turns out HAL is pretty lame so I've got two more RC cruises booked! Looking to add another in 2021
  13. Hahaha, my only non-negotiable hotel rules are white bedding and doors on the inside of the building - I think all Courtyards pass this rigorous test!
  14. So glad to hear that! Are you guys gonna stay in NJ tonight?
  15. It definitely sounds worth it to me! When I saw $96 at first I thought it must be per day. I'm on a mini 4-night on Oasis with 1 port day in Coz so I think I can get a lot of use out of it!
  16. After seeing the first pic of the boat I was going to ask if Darryl was aboard so I am pleased you mentioned him! I am a Daryl, too. This first batch of NZ photos is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!
  17. Oh no! I am on Oasis in May and was hoping they'd show at 60! Maybe 30? I will probably still keep checking daily even though I'm still at 88, hahah
  18. On my 4 night cruise I see I can get the UDP for $96 or the 3-night dining package for $99. Am I right in assuming that the UDP is clearly a better deal as it could be used for the 4th night as well as lunches? What am I missing here? What fun pricing, RC!
  19. Heard a relevant iguana joke on my recent cruise in Mexico - they're all named Mary! Mary Iguana.
  20. 97 days till Oasis May 3, 2020 and 364 till Navigator Jan 25, 2021
  21. I brought my own towels and loved being able to easily spot my pool chair among the sea of blue RC ones. Also, they fold up super small for bringing off the ship, the RC ones are way bulkier and take up way more room in your beach bag. We used these on 2 cruises so far and they dont get smelly or stiff even after 7 straight days of usage. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DJ1CXWN/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_3?smid=AOE12EV6AFWFE&th=1
  22. Yes! I did this in August since we had four 3rd party excursions to keep track of. I still somehow forgot to bring a printed receipt with me in St. Kitts but because I knew I owed the guy exactly $161.80 he figured he could trust it was me.
  23. I can only speak for the second leg of your B2B but most of those islands were very easy to get around without an excursion. We taxied to the beach in St Thomas (Magen's), St Kitts (Cockleshell), Antigua (Dickinson Bay) and Barbados (Brandon's Beach) very easily.
  24. Wow! If I got to have an MDR meal in under 45min I would be so pleased! We skipped it a couple nights because sitting 2.5 hours for dinner is ridiculous.
  25. I traveled recently with two birthdays (there were only the two of us) during our cruise and after mentioning it to both the restaurant manager on night one and our waiter on both the nights-of, we didn't end up getting anything special. Just a fair warning that it's not universal to get a dinner birthday dessert! I hope you do, though!
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