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  1. I am booked on the Odyssey September 2023, 9 night Greek Isles Cruise. When will I start seeing the excursions for this Cruise on the website?
  2. My husband and I were in your situation about a month ago, we were so worried about doing the test, especially since we would be doing it in a Disney Hotel. Believe me, it was not hard at all. The proctors could not have been nicer and were so patient with us. We did it on an iPhone, and what helped was that we purchased an inexpensive iPhone tripod at $5 below, mounted the phone and did our tests. It also helped to watch several UTube videos first! Good luck!!
  3. We received our 6 pack of the tests in the brown box today. We'll have to take them with us on the plane to Orlando. Do the test kits have to remain in the "brown box" until opened in front of the proctor? And what is the best way to carry them the plane, checked luggage or carry-on. If carry-on, I'm assuming they'll go through the TSA check point with no problems. Thank You
  4. Thanks for all the good advice!
  5. We are new to Royal Caribbean Cruising with our first one scheduled for Feb 3. We've completed our on-line checkin, have a port arrival time and printed our luggage tags. Do I also need to print our SetSail Pass prior to boarding, or do we we access it through our phone at check in?
  6. I think we'll just pay the money and do the test at Port Canaveral before the cruise!
  7. I'm trying to set up other options, but was going to use this as a last resort. If I make a reservation for the test ahead of time, is payment not required until you actually take the test?
  8. Has anyone done the COVID testing at Port Canaveral? Just wondering how the process worked.
  9. I am new to RC and just received an e-mail about Royal Up option. Is the price you bid for the cabin for the entire trip or is it for each person for each night?
  10. Just want to make sure I'm ordering the correct test, are the emed tests that cost $150 a 6 pack the correct ones? I want to order today for our Feb 3 cruise.
  11. I'm a Disney Cruiser and Feb 3 will be my first RC cruise, really excited to experience a new cruise line! My check-in date is December 20. What can I expect when I check in, what info will I be required to input? Can I register both my husband and I on my IPhone app, or do we need to do it on our own? I'm just looking for some basic instructions so I'm ready on the 20th. Thank You!!!
  12. Has anyone used the testing service that RC uses at the port? I'm interested in Port Canaveral. We'll be in Orlando for a week prior to the cruise without a car. I know I can order the "out home" test, I'm just afraid that being a couple of seniors, we'll mess it up, especially using an I-phone!
  13. If I put an excursion, or drink package in my cart, when does this actually have to be paid for?
  14. Our cruise is Feb 3, so this test is good through Feb 1 and we should be good to use it that day, correct?
  15. Thanks for the info, we'll also be on this cruise and it will be our first RC cruise. We are from NJ and will be in Orlando for 9 nights prior to cruise and our biggest concern is where to get the COVID Test!
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