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  1. It wasn’t me either but now I’m very curious!
  2. Same here... uploaded on 4/5 and only one in our group of 5 has been validated so far.
  3. I've had great success with their text customer support 800-256-6649. They've actually responded faster through text than twitter or facebook.
  4. Just curious... have any of you had your vaccine card validated yet on the app? On our last cruise it took about 2 weeks to get validated, so I know that it can take some time to get processed.
  5. In case any of you were planning on the White Pass railroad in Skagway on excursions that crossed the border into Canada, this was posted today at https://wpyr.com/updates/ Cross Border Tours – Service Suspended for 2022 Operating Season After months of working towards restoring the Carcross and Fraser Train Service Combination, we unfortunately must announce that we are unable to provide these offerings for the 2022 Season. We have delayed this difficult decision for several months in the hopes that we could find a workable solution for all involved and provide passenger service on these international routes. The challenges of logistics, restrictions, and uncertainty around wait times would have made it impossible for us to provide a consistent high quality service without delays and would create significant disruption to the passenger experience. We respect and appreciate the time and efforts of our communities, staff, partners, customers, and governmental agencies at all levels in both Canada and the United States over the last year to try to bring this to fruition. Though we could not complete the task in time for this season, we will continue to work together towards restoring this service for 2023. For those booked on Fraser and Carcross train service this summer, our reservation staff will be reaching out to discuss your travel options and provide an alternative service on our White Pass Summit Excursion offering.
  6. I just received mine the other day and they expire January 2023.
  7. Stunning video! So it looks like my parents will have an excellent view from their port side stateroom, since the ship turns toward starboard to return (assuming they still do it this way). Thank you for sharing the videos.
  8. Thanks! Departure port is Seattle, and I live in Florida, so I guess it will be 3am for me.
  9. Which ship were you on? I've read the smaller ships take more time there and do a 360, but the larger ships like Ovation are in and out pretty quickly and only do a 180.
  10. I've read here on the boards that the ship does a 180 degree turn, but is that just the ship turning around to leave? Or does it turn 90 degrees in both directions so both port and starboard sides have a viewing opportunity? My elderly parents will most like stay on their balcony which is why I'm asking. If only one side has a viewing, I will make sure to take the time to ensure they get on an upper deck for viewing.
  11. That's my sailing too... I'm hoping it's midnight eastern time, I don't feel like setting the alarm for 3am
  12. I will be checking in soon on the app for our May Alaska cruise. Is check-in time midnight Eastern time or ship time (which would be 3am Eastern)?
  13. Sounds frustrating! I'm going through a similar issue and the Resolution department has been able to help. They are available starting 8 AM on weekdays and 9 AM EST on weekends.
  14. We're also sailing this May with my 18 year old son so I hope we see some others around his age as well.
  15. Every time I either call in for a price adjustment, or my air2sea reservation changes (basically anytime my reservation is touched in any way), the taxes/fees/port expenses doubles. RCCL support says it's because it was a lift & shift reservation. Each time I have to call and wait about an hour on hold for the Resolution team to adjust it back to what it should be. I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else?
  16. I had to assist someone with their test. It wasn't an issue, I repeated and explained what the proctor was saying and letting the person know how to answer. I even helped with opening the package too.
  17. Has the process changed to call in and work through the automated prompts to get my invoice emailed to me? I’m usually able to call and then choose options 4, 2, 1 to request confirmation but now it just says they are closed and to call back during business hours.
  18. Do you think a trip to Mendenhall is still worth the visit for first-timers to Juneau?
  19. Ours took a little over 2 weeks (with the U.S. CDC vaccine card)
  20. How far is the walk from the ship to the kiosk area at the port where you catch the shuttle buses?
  21. Are food items marked gluten free at the buffet on CocoCay?
  22. I was checking prices for my Independence 12/13 sailing right now and there are plenty of non-suite cabins available. Maybe their website had a problem earlier?
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