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  1. Same thought. You might want to get off the ship and go through security, check-in for piece of mind with your son. If he gets there early shouldn't be much of a problem.
  2. Never worn ours as well, can't recall seeing others wearing them
  3. Your assistant waiter will take your drink orders, including soda as well
  4. Did not know that the casino is smoke-free. May need to reconsider Empress for a future cruise
  5. Dressing up for dinner on the ship, is something we enjoying doing. We dress up, so little in our daily lives and it changes up the routine
  6. Yes, I've seen a number of facebook posts that were again going to Labadee, still a beach day, but missing that beautiful pool
  7. I've had this happen a few times. I usually go up to the pool desk and just enjoy the peace and quiet and stroll along the outerdeck.
  8. yep they hold it until the last night and then bring it to your room
  9. Yes, just show the bartender your sail and sign card and it will have a sticker that says soda package on it and they will give you a glass of whatever pop you want. To use the Coke freestyle machines, you need the special glass, which has a microchip in it that will active the machine.
  10. I have verizon and never had any issues in Port Everglades, we're been through the cruise terminal 3 times in the last 2 yrs
  11. Thanks for the inform. I checked the images on the web and they look good. Will need to askfor them on our Freedom cruise this March during spring break in the dining room. This will be about 3 weeks after Freedom has been amped-up leaving out of San Juan.
  12. Agreed. Labadee is getting somewhat tiresome. I love a good beach day, but some new things ,especially a pool, would be nice to have and better food would be nice, as well.
  13. Following as well. Enjoy the cruise, some of us are dealing w/ nasty snow
  14. Following as well. We were deciding between the Adventure and Freedom for this upcoming March 2020 cruise to the ABC islands, leaving out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean. We decided on Freedom, primarily due to its size and its a newer ship with it being newly amped up, compared to Adventure. Curious about the dining and open deck areas in particular.
  15. You need the water park passes to access the cabana in the water park. Bummer, I know
  16. We have a cruise on Harmony of the Seas in June 2020 (2 adults + 2 kids) and our cabana in the water park,, which we are sharing w/ another couple (2 adults) is priced at $999.00 + water park passes has been at this price for about 5 months now and I'm not expecting it to lower in price. Its a bit pricey, but when we are returning next year on Allure, we'll probably skip the cabana. Its a nice, item to have , but not wouldn't ruin our trip, if we don't have one. We went to Volcano Bay at Universal Studios last year and it was a nice perk to have, since it did rain for an hour or 2 in the after
  17. same question. I've heard of them, but not sure what they are
  18. Great views from the zip lines
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