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  1. Do you know what is included on Beach club only pass?
  2. My son is 12 yr and 10 month when we will be on Allure of the Seas - Is there any chance he will be allowed to go to teen club on board?
  3. Anyone did Arawak Aqua park? I see that it is only for 1 hour I think that would be too short for our kids.. Do they have 2 hour pass or all-day pass? thanks!
  4. wow! $25 sounds like a great deal. thanks!
  5. got it. thank you! Was unlimited ride worth it for you? how many times did you end up riding? was the line long?
  6. She no longer has indoor pool.. and pool deck will be very similar to Navigator of the Seas with very Caribbean feel to it. just my opinion.
  7. to me Odyssey is a warm weather ship...with Seaplex. no brainer why Odyssey will be home ported in FL
  8. sooner or later Royal will put Oasis, Harmony and Mariner on same day 😂
  9. I saw Oasis, Indy and Majesty will be there on same day this summer.
  10. ohhhh good to know! how long does it take from cruise port?
  11. hello! I have searching for things to do other than snorkeling in Bonaire and found this beautiful beach called Sorobon Beach. There are Sorobon Beach Resort, Hangout Beach Bar located at the beach. anyone ever been here? It looks stunning in photos.. is it really that beautiful? Is it worth to spend entire day there? Is windsurfing easy to do? any feedback is welcome! thank you
  12. Hello All! Happy New Year! I have been searching this but couldn't find anywhere on internet/youtube. Has anyone been on Oasis of the Seas since November Amplification with 12 year old kids? I see they have revamped Adventure Ocean area that now there is a room for 3-5 year old and 6-12??? year old kids?? is that correct? That room is called "Hangout" room.. has anyone have a photo or been there on the ship? what is that place like? Is there many things to do for 12 year old kids? which leads to my next question.. Oasis of the Seas teens club is now called "Social 298" and it looks pretty cool! Can 12 year old enter this place? or do they strictly prohibit this? I have a feeling that my 12 year daughter and her friend will want to spend more time at Social 298.. thank you so much in advance!
  13. I cruised two weeks after Dorian. weather was PERFECT I mean no single drop of rain entire week.
  14. family of 4 here too. We paid $49.99 last October while on Harmony of the Seas. won't purchase it if price goes over $79.99 for next trip.
  15. Am I missing something? I was on Harmony in October and they supplied shoes for zip-lining and rock climbing.
  16. I am sure Disney Cruise is great but I will always take 2 RCL cruises over 1 Disney cruise until I die.
  17. True Story. 4 of us stayed in a interior cabin on... Majesty of the Seas. granted, it was our very first cruise so we thought all rooms were pretty similar in terms of size and kids were still young - 2 and 7. We had no problem with a room.. it was doable.
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