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  1. Sister ship = exactly the same. PS - fellow Long Islander here....
  2. To me this was a classic example of "it it aint broke, don't fix it." I think NCL was the tail wagging the dog for a while as they grew in market share. They really do attract a different style of cruiser than RCCL and other than providing the option of My Time Dining, it was a mistake to chase those customers.
  3. God news - and news broken by our faithful Matt!! Ding dong dynamic dining is dead!!!!!! I can deal with rotational. Same waiters, same table!!! Wooooo!!!!!
  4. If DD means you you lose having the same waiter for the whole trip then I am staunchly opposed! I just got off a cruise on NCL. It was terrible compared to RCCL. One of the major problems was the service at dinners. I think the connection to you waiter that you get to know - and he/she gets to know you - is one of the special things on a cruise.
  5. That's a long ride... about 3 1/2 hours. If you want to do this you should rent a car.
  6. Hello everyone... I've been following the blog for a couple of years and I love it! I just realized there was a message board and had to join up!! I am 47 years old and am married with two kids ages 16 and 19. We are big RCCL fans and are Diamond members at this point. Looking forward to joining in on the conversations... -Dave
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