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  1. All public schools closed till the 27th Port of Baltimore Closed until further notice
  2. Well.....Port Liberty is in NJ I think ? But who knows....the world has gone stupid....I'll be in my garage for the next 4 weeks and hope to come out and have my April 16 cruise
  3. If I recall correctly it was like 69 of the rooms were balcony or better ? Highest available appeared to be Grand Suite and Grand Suite 2 bed
  4. I believe You would have to click on each stateroom category and count the number of cabins highlighted as available to pick On Edit: I did it and found about 111 open cabin on my April 16th on Grandeur....and many of the cabin where 'blocks' of 3 or 6 open....so it looks like some 'groups' may be cancelling ?
  5. The issue is that they base all pricing/bookings on today's price. So when you booked previously it looked at the cost of the ocean view room and since it was a full comp it subtracted out 100% When you reprice for an upgrade with the same comp it starts by looking at the price for the ocean view room, fully comps that and looks at the price of the next room you want to upgrade into. At least that's the best logic I have been able to come up with. All my sailings started as comped rooms that I then upgrade....they don't 'share' easily exactly how they calculate these things.
  6. Sounds like you should be calling to see about a cost neutral upgrade to a higher category.
  7. They have always had dynamic pricing per sailing (same room, same ship, same date would fluctuate...usually up until 90 days out) and same room, same ship, different date also was also a different price....so should be no surprise to anyone if the next cruise is more expensive....especially now that there is significant more demand for the same amount of rooms ?
  8. They would redeploy for some 'humanitarian' mission that would allow them to claim charitable donation for the operating costs of the vessel while no sailing a passenger cruise.....assuming they would be allowed to port and off load water/supplies places ;)....but the crew would not go home.
  9. Gee I'm really glad now that I jumped on an Oasis sailing for August 2021 last month ?
  10. I think a more important question to ask is when are people going to start thinking about suing Japan for the questionable decision to force on ship quarantines and how many extra cases and deaths resulted directly from that decision. Seems a logical falacy to push for government mandated action by pointing to an 'outbreak' of 700 cases on one ship when the only reason for the magnitude of the outbreak was inept government mandated action (IMO).
  11. Why since RCCL is giving full credit if you don't want to go.....just cancel and schedule another one?
  12. We are still at the level of "higher chance of getting killed in a shark attack" with this Virus........yet people still swim everyday ?
  13. I think a more important question to ask is this "If my cruise is cancelled and I get FCCC....can I apply that to the balance owed on an existing booking I already have" ?
  14. So here's the back story....We are taking an Alaska cruise in August. I recently added my inlaws to the reservation so our quartet has become a party of 6. My previous plan was to just grab a taxi at the airport when we get there. That was with 4 people (2 adults, 2 kids) - 4 large bags and 2 backpacks. Now that we are six, taxi is a bit more of a pain and not that straight forward since we would have 4 adults, 2 kids, 6-7 large bags and 4 or so small bags. So I figure I would just order up a limo to meet us when we arrive and then take us back to the airport a week later. Call up a company and request an SUV stretch and their first response was: "We don't use SUV limos for airport transfers as they don't have any trunk space. We can get you a passenger van" To which I responded "I've used SUV limo for 4 before just fine and we fit, plus anything that we can't get behind seat we can just put in with us" to which I got a response: "We are not allowed to put anything inside the vehicle. Secondly, cruise terminal does not allow stretch limos inside. So even if you book it we will dropoff on street level." Can anyone familiar with Vancouver tell me if I just getting fed a line here? What does it mean drop off on street level versus "inside terminal".....did I just pick a poor choice company to start my conversation and am getting fed a story?
  15. Way to go. I called Casino Royale today.....added a second room to our Alaska Cruise in August because the Inlaws decided to come....only took me 5 minutes on hold ? ? ....but I didn't save any money ?
  16. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence Seems like a nice thing to do considering the state of affairs.
  17. I wonder if there will be mandatory Ibuprofen confiscations I kid....I kid.....
  18. It's been over a decade since the media has had the chance to hysterically report about the chance of a pandemic and the impacts it has on the economy.....and the bottom line of a cruise ship. Even on sailings that still go, I'm pretty sure casino revenue is down overall because chips and machines often are the highest concentration of germs on board.
  19. I"m not saying we should do anything nefarious.....I'm just saying maybe we should just take all the warning labels off things and let it sort itself out.
  20. aghast that's darn near alcohol abuse....when you open a bottle of wine....you only have a few hours to consume it before it because pure swill. ? ?
  21. Funny story.....if you buy a bottle of wine while eating at Wonderland; if you still have wine left in your glass and want to take it with you.....they will swap it into a different glass. They are really proud of their glasses in Wonderland and don't want to lose them ?
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