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  1. we got an email for the test from BioReference, in the email it stated only unvaccinated children but ours are vaccinated, do they still need to do the test??
  2. Hello Friends, My two Children, 7 and 6 years old ARE Vaccinated Why did I get this message below? The cards are all updated and approved in the RCL App. We are set to cruise March 20th. Do they need to do the Boarding Day Antigen Test? I was only planning to do the PCR or RapidTest 48 hrs before . Thank for any insight or help! It is so confusing! Dear Guest, As promised, we’re reaching out with details about scheduling your boarding day antigen test for COVID-19, which will be conducted in the terminal by our medical services partner, BioReference Labs, for guests between the ages of 2 to 11. All unvaccinated guests ages 2 to 11 are required to take a boarding day antigen test during check-in (plus, a debarkation antigen test on sailings 5 nights or longer, which we’ll share more details about onboard). It's important to register for your boarding day antigen test as soon as possible to avoid delays in your check-in process. If you're vaccinated, please do not complete this registration for yourself. However, you may have received this email because you'll need to register the guest below as they are between the ages of 2 to 11 and are unvaccinated. Please note, the above boarding day antigen test is in addition to the pre-cruise PCR test that unvaccinated guests 2 to 11 years old are required to bring a negative test result for, which must be taken within the 3 days prior to sailing – but not on boarding day. Register for your test Each guest must use their unique Reference ID listed above when registering with BioReference Labs. If someone in your travelling party has not received an email including a unique Reference ID, please contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. Parents, you’ll need to register for your children using your child’s unique Reference ID. Issues registering for your boarding day antigen test for COVID-19? Contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. Click here to register with BioReference Labs to schedule your antigen test for COVID-19. Boarding day Testing is being held at the cruise terminal, where you’ll check-in. All unvaccinated guests ages 2 to 11 will be required to take this test in order to board. Guests under 2 years of age and vaccinated guests will not be tested at the terminal. It’s important that you show up exactly at your selected check-in time. Otherwise, you may be asked to return at a later time. If you're feeling unwell, please stay home and contact us at 954-628-9290 or 1 (800) 256-6649. We will gladly work with you to reschedule or refund your cruise. After your test Our testing partner, BioReference Labs, will provide your results via email. Please note, your results will also be shared with Royal Caribbean International. If your result is negative and you’re approved to sail, we’ll look forward to welcoming you onboard! If your result is positive or inconclusive, a pier agent will share next steps with you. Rest assured, we will take care of you. And remember, please stay safe – it's important to continue wearing your mask, keeping a safe distance from others, washing your hands often, etc. We’re looking forward to seeing you onboard! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  3. Family of 4 is going March 20th same ship , to Western Carrib. (mexico ports) Please let me know how it is going or how it went!
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