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  1. Awesome! When speaking of both H2O Zone and Splashaway Bay, I was speaking of the special area for diapers that was filtered separately. That was a big reason for us looking at ships specifically with those areas, as he will almost certainly still be in diapers when we are looking to go. I saw a story Matt wrote around 2015 that mentioned the ships with the baby splash zones at that time, but there have certainly been a lot of changes and additions since. I'm glad Navigator is on the list. We love Voyager Class.
  2. Awesome! I was curious of the Splashaway Bay vs H2O Zone. I remember being on Allure with the H2O zone and it having the baby only splash zone. I was on Indy in December of 2019 and didn't pay much attention to the Splashaway Bay setup compared to H2O Zone. I figured I was good with H2O Zone ships based on previous experience, but was concerned about the other. It sounds like we are good either way. Too bad Mariner doesn't have anything like that after the Amplification. There is a great 5 day Labadee and CocoCay itinerary that would be perfect, and we love the ship.
  3. Greetings All. I hope everybody is safe and well. My wife and I are planning our next cruise for sometime in 2022 (assuming/fingers crossed that cruising and the world have returned to something resembling pre-COVID normal), but we will have an infant with us for the first time ever. Our little man will be at least 16-18 months old, if not a bit older, based on the window of sailings I am looking at. I was wondering if Matt or anybody had an updated list of ships that have the baby splash zone that children in swim diapers can enter. I am aware of Allure, Oasis, Freedom, Liberty,
  4. Matt, Did you take a taxi on your own to Valley Church Beach or book an excursion? Royal Caribbean doesn't have anything to Valley Church Beach, but they do have an excursion to nearby Ffrye's Beach. Also, I just want to confirm the distance/time from port. All the research I've done indicates that Valley Church Beach is about 15-20 minute drive. It appears that Antigua is going to be busy while we are there. According to Cruise Mapper, we are going to be 1 of 5 ships in port that day.
  5. Just remember, it could always be worse. I have some friends who just went on a cruise earlier this month on the Carnival Triumph. I don't think they knew that that ship was the host of the infamous "poop cruise" in 2013.
  6. As far as TV goes, I myself never spend a ton of time watching it while we are on a cruise. We mainly have it on for background noise while we are getting ready in the morning or for dinner, and at night time because we both usually fall asleep watching something. I do tend to agree that the channel selection is limited, but it hasn't really bothered us to this point. If I were to go on a longer sailing, particularly a TA or another itinerary with a lot of sea days, I could see myself getting to a point where I may just want to spend one evening, or potentially only a few hours, unw
  7. There is also all the speculation and rumors stirring about ships that were seen on the market in the last year or so, including Grandeur and Rhapsody. On another note, looking at changes even earlier than 2020, I don't recall hearing much on what the planned improvements/changes to Oasis and Allure will be from the Royal Amplified program. Hopefully some more information on exactly what changes we can expect will come out sometime around the release of 2020 deployments. I am considering booking on an Oasis Class ship again later in 2020. I find myself leaning toward Harmony or Symphon
  8. Serenade of the Seas - March 25, 2019 (11 night Southern Caribbean) Independence of the Seas - December 14, 2019 (5 night Western Caribbean)
  9. I check the cruise planner and cruise fares several times per week for this reason alone. Sometimes the prices are adjusted sporadically, or the price of something in the cruise planner may drop during a big sale, even when the sale isn't supposed to apply due to the sailing date range applied to the sale.
  10. I enjoyed the Perfect Storm water slides recently on Mariner, but I only rode them a couple of rides each. We were docked next to the Disney Dream in Nassau and the rider experience on their slide, the AquaDuck, looked like it was quite a bit of fun. It also looked like it was designed for the ship, rather than retrofitted. I'm not suggesting that they install slides that wrap entirely around the upper deck of the ship like the AquaDuck, but I think that a design that is a little more unique designed for the pool deck on the Icon Class would be a good design move.
  11. Surf will allow you to send messages and surf the web. Your speed is throttled, so streaming music and video won't work.
  12. That is good to know. Unless we both do some serious training between now and then, I'd say we may steer away from this then. I'll look at some other reviews as you suggested. Thank you again for the input!
  13. These are my rankings in order for Allure's specialty restaurants, based on our March sailing. 1) 150 Central Park. We loved it so much that we went 2 nights. 2) Chops. A very close second for us, and one we love very much. 3) Giovanni's. The food and service were excellent, but the top 2 are in a league of their own. I also think Giovanni's pales in comparison to Jamie's. 4) Izumi. The hibachi is great, but I personally have a hard time paying what I did at sea vs. what I normally do on land for a similar experience. However, the sushi is some of the best I have e
  14. It looks like we will be walking or taking a short.car ride to a beach in Barbados. That was our initial plan before I came on here, and all the positive feedback is making that decision easier. St. Kitts and St. Lucia are still the toughest ones for us to pick from with all the great suggestions we have received, as well as what we have researched on our own. We looked at doing the volcanic hike. My wife and I are both hardly athletes, but I do work out most days of the week. It is still a possibility. We have done some hiking around Gatlinburg, TN during the summer months in y
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