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  1. @jhatle01 I found an extremely interesting (and very recent) article on this topic at yourwarrantyisvoided.com - I am sending you a direct message with the direct url (I would put it here, but the fact that the other thread disappearex confuses me, so maybe it’s better to do it this way). Happy sailing!
  2. I can’t imagine why it would be, it was so useful. Maybe I am just not in the know around here but ....That sucks big time
  3. @twangster there was a great thread where you had gone to great lengths to explain the router setup, but I have searched and cannot find it anywhere. It was one of the best threads that I have seen in the topic, so I very much hope that it was not somehow deleted?
  4. Good suggestion! We love ours - charges both phones, both iPads, and 1-2 Apple watches at once. I did the best research that I could on the hubs and went with the Anker 60W 6 Port USB Wall Charger PowerPort 6 for about $25 at Amazon. It’s been great for us.
  5. My Sapphire card has the travel insurance and many of the same benefits as the Reserve other than use of non-Skyclubs and the higher awarded points, plus maybe a companion ticket. Since the clubs are either not easily assessable or not ideal in terms of quality in our most frequently visited airports, it leaves mostly about an extra point on purchase for that extra yearly membership amount and that is much less enticing! Which is why the Am Ex Reserve starts to looks much better at this point. For us the Delta Am Ex and the Chase Sapphire Cards offer very useful benefits, such as the bu
  6. It seems you love that maximizing as much as I do! I have the Chase Sapphire and have tried to decide if the Reserve would be worth the cost for us (the lounges aren’t great for our needs, especially since the one at ATL is on concourse F (international) and a LONG way from most of our Delta flights (except those to HI). I also would get cheated out of a lot of perks that I would have gotten had I started with reserve. I had hoped on the first anniversary they might offer some extra perks to upgrade, but I never saw one (and the FICO would def qualify). So now we are evaluating whether we wa
  7. Yes yes, of course The problem is you have me looking at them
  8. I normally would say I am definitely not a Van’s person (I have always associated them with my teen patients), but those are super cute, I would definitely wear them!
  9. That is great! I have used Ebates now for over 10 years and I’ve gotten quite a lot of money back (probably not as much in one check as you just received). You are right, there could be a month or so to wait since the checks arrive quarterly. A lot of times around Christmas they offe bonus percentages so that would be an extra good time to pull this off . I thought I had figured out almost every way to maximize our savings, but I just never really thought about this method (and using a rewards card would add to the benefit). Good job.
  10. We like the foodie tour. https://www.trubahamianfoodtours.com/ I have never met anybody that just didn’t love their tours - tell her the McBee’s said HI if you go.
  11. I agree - maybe it is that I have seen and read too much in my 58 years, but there are places that I will just not travel no matter how enticing. I have a vivid recall of based-on-real-life movies like Midnight Express and so I will also pass on China and similar locations.
  12. @Nita All the answers above are good ones and from frequent cruises. But in the end i think the cruise line itself is the one who will truly know this answer. I know that when we travel from the US as US citizens there is very little done in Mexico, Belize, and other Caribbean islands regarding our passports beyond a cursory glance. But then our passports do not list limits of any kind. I do know that when we sail from Canada, our passports are checked mor carefully and declarations required coming and going from the airport plus disembarking from the ship. Our passports were also checked o
  13. You know that’s true - not that I wish to show a bias, but there is a high number of men who travel for a living in first class (God knows Atlanta has far more than its fair share of Diamond Medallions) and that is perhaps the least chatty of all flying groups (on average of course)!
  14. Heck, we would go! Can you just imagine the excursions ?! But if it’s that much maybe we will wait for a sale! Hubs has seen the world, 30 years in the USMC will do they for you, but I haven’t seen 1/4 of what he has.
  15. On Allure last Oct the prices were too high for the options, at least compared to other quality cruise lines. But this package might be the best one given that - but woe be the photographers if I get an unlimited package After all, most years our holiday cards feature a portrait from a cruise
  16. I’m excited about the photo packages for all images that I noticed as an option for our May cruise as this is the first time I have seen the option on any cruise, RCL or any other.
  17. While your question is not one that I can answer for you, I wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for the anxiety you are going through - life’s squeeze plays can be miserable! I hope all is well after all evaluations are complete.
  18. While being a doctor and a meteorologist do not add up to a lot of work-related flying, I do understand how quickly you can become spoiled and begin thinking something is necessary and not a luxury. My husband is usually the calmer of the two of us, but when we found out that due to a delayed flight we were moved from first class to economy on a flight across country from Seattle to Atlanta and then his screen was on the blink I thought my husband’s head would blow off - he was a bear the entire way (which did not help my feelings of course since I too was stuck back there). I have been blami
  19. I think it would me rotten to show up for a vacation with one thing in your head and it’s another! Some of us spend a lot of time collecting information, but I am sure these slight differences and changes “bites” many a cruiser For some the difference in expectation and reality would ruin an otherwise great vacation. Luckily not in this case, but then I would not consider the majority of posters here as the average cruiser in a variety of ways - all good of course!
  20. It honestly can be quite confusing and that is why I asked. To make matters worse, there is incorrect information all over on various boards and blogs because it’s older info and things change quickly. I wanted to be sure which benefits you had before launching into them I hope that you have a great time! PS I miss Nashville, I lived there for about 2 years (in cool springs) and joined a busy group practice downtown. Although I thought it was fabulous, I ended up heading back home to Atlanta. But Nashville remains a bright spot!
  21. @tiny260 In general the name would not matter, but it only mattered because in the original post he used the term “Sky loft suite” (although he seems to have later edited it to say Royal loft suite) since he was asking about royal perks it seemed reasonable to me to verify which he was really sailing in from the start so as not to confuse the matter more and to be truly helpful (as I have seen so many posts where people were not accurate about which type of suite they had booked). Otherwise, certainly the name would not have mattered. My intent was to help and thus clarify.
  22. Which is why I started by saying it may be that he used the wrong term, definitely a possibility. But sometimes people who don’t sail often are confused about which benefits go with which suite given the similar names for some of them. It certainly can be confusing.
  23. It may be that you didn’t write the correct suite name, but the Sky Loft Suite in the Oasis to the best of my knowledge is a SKY class suite (wonderful perks in my opinion, just not the over the top stuff with Royal class). The Royal Loft is larger and in the ROYAL class. Unless something changed quite recently... In SKY class you do have the reservation priority and assistance with any needed from a concierge. Sounds like that is what you are wanting anyway (it is actually what we prefer It to ROYAL for a few reasons). Enjoy your trip!
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