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  1. Berth???? Isn't that like something that happens when you have a baby??? A New BIRTH??? Oh WAIT - NOW I SEA!!!
  2. have you crossed a block threshold at the same time as someone else in your household in the same cabin? YES - We have both sailed the exact same cruises. We have been awarded one block with each 70 point achievement. If you know of anybody looking for "LIBERTY" block. We have 3 and are certainly willing to part with 2 of them. CHEAP!
  3. Currently, Royal is offering only short cruises out of Galveston (4-5-7 days). We would love to see longer itineraries that could perhaps reach So America. We have done back to back several times on the Liberty, but as everyone has said - that gets tiresome - to go to the same ports. We have flown to Florida to get longer cruises. The cost of the airfare would pay for another week on the ship out of Galveston.
  4. If anyone is interested in a crystal block with an etching of the "Liberty of the Seas" - I have 3 that I would be willing to part with. I will post photos if you are interested.
  5. Just returned from Liberty last week. We saw everything from lacy and frilly gowns to black cocktail gowns to glittery dresses to long skirts and sparkly tops. Men were in Suits with ties, suits with no ties, long sleeved shirts with and without ties, men in sports coats and even men in dark slacks with dress shirts - open at the collar.... Bottom line is be as dressy as you want. This is YOUR vacation. Just enjoy and have fun!!!
  6. If you can get 2 adjoining cabins - you are better off space-wise. You have 2 bathrooms and more actual square footage than one Junior Suite. BUT - if you are going for points - the Junior Suite gives you double points and single bath. Are you already getting double points for 2 cabins?
  7. We have solved the hard mattress issue two ways. First - we roll up a 3" mattress topper as tight as we can get it and tie it together. Stuff it in a suitcase and fill the rest of that suitcase with whatever else we are taking. This requires 2 large suitcases for most trips. BUT - the comfort of the softer mattress is worth it. Just remember to take it off of the bed when you come home. Second - if we are flying and can only check one bag - we ask the room steward for 10 extra pillows. We put them under the sheet and remake the bed. We have a "pillow-top" mattress literally!!!
  8. We already have 2 Liberty of the Seas crystal ships from loyalty points. Can these be traded for a different ship? Can they be sold? What would be a good price to ask if we sell one?
  9. Are these "Blocks" important enough that someone would buy one? I have 3 and am willing to sell....
  10. I like the idea of getting out into the country side - and lots of photo stops would be great. Even better if we had a driver and we could just gawk out the windows and see everything.
  11. Thanks for your response. We like the idea of crab legs. Instead of spending $100+ on an excursion - we could get king crab legs and feast... In Skagway - how far out did the bus go? Did you do it as an excursion or on your own? That sounds interesting.
  12. Thank you for your response. We are in our 70's - so hiking is mostly out. Unless you include our hikes to the windjammer! We did the totems last trip. It was interesting and unique.
  13. We are on Solstice on July 27th and are looking for interesting places to go or things to do in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. We did all the typical things last time. Anybody have any suggestions?
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