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  1. Sure this has been covered. Just getting a little excited, as we leave tomorrow. But how early can I arrive for check in ? When can I expect to board? When are rooms normally ready? Cruising out of New Jersey on Anthem. I'm in an owners suite, other family members are in balcony rooms. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ok. Cruise leaves tomorrow morning. Finally got the call back today. After days of "royal up" department working on it. After all that they came back with well in the fine print it does say..... See below this is how they claimed they (3rd party company handling Royal Up) is not responsible etc "The Upgrade will have the same number of berths as the original stateroom." Do most people even know what a berth is ? The supervisor I was dealing with from Royal Caribbean said he apologized and that they are working with the third party company
  3. Quick update. Customer service manager called back last night, same rep as promised, so that was a good thing. However, he informed me he had no updates at the time, but wanted to call me as he had promised he would. He stated that when an issue is sent to the Royal Up department, they have 2 business days to respond, so that we would have a definitive answer tomorrow, which is today. He did say that he was didnt expect any result/change to room to result from speaking to Royal Up department, but he had to give them the opportunity to respond, prior to them stepping in and offering a
  4. That sounds even better. They emailed me a day or two back. As we are leaving this Saturday. Been going back and forth on dinner reservations, i-fly, northstar etc. Didnt even think about this. Thanks!
  5. In retrospect, yes you are right. But it only then again mentions that again when it talks about the additional Pullman bed. Which led me to believe the King and the sofa bed were standard. And some rooms (5 guest rooms) give you the pullman Imagine if you got in your room and there wasnt a King Bed, you would have expected one as it was listed. And also, that was me looking at the deck plans after being told it wouldnt have a sofa bed. If you look at the second picture (later in thread) post - where they give you a description before I made the upgrade - it says "living area with
  6. That makes sense - Its two adult tickets and one child tickets - and thats exactly who I'd be giving it to. Where/when would you get the bands to enter Aquaventure? As this may pose another issue. We are 14 people, once I purchased a room at Atlantis, I knew I would need transportation there, with several kids in tow, I wanted a private transfer for all of us, so we can depart when we want, not wait for a huge bus to fill etc. However, some of the other guests already had purchased the aquaventure thru Royal and the price they got was better than current pricing as well a
  7. Weird question. So we previously booked Aquaventure for our upcoming cruise. Since then we decided to book a room at Atlantis, which includes 4 park tickets, so the three I paid Royal dont do us any good. We have relatives on same ship, same sailing, I wanted to give them my three tickets. When I called they said I couldnt do it pre-cruise, but may be able to do it on board? I know I can cancel and rebook - but since booking pricing is up over $30pp - so its $100 more We already booked private transfer for all via Royal Private excursions, so we all have a way ther
  8. What do you guys think I should argue for/accept? I won the bid at $430 additional per person, so $860 total. Which in retrospect may have been too high of an offer to make as the original room I booked them in was only $1650 total. I'm truly not trying to make out here, I truly put an offer on this room for the sole purpose to give my mother a real bed to sleep on, as my brother is fine sleeping on a pull out. The original room we had was a mid ship deck 11 balcony room, which already had the two twin option. I myself have an owners suite, so the family will be congregating in my roo
  9. The bathroom definitely is better that is for certain. Coastal Kitchen doesnt mean much, as although I am also in a suite. We have 4 other rooms in our group that are non suite. So in my own room myself when originally deciding to go to a Owners Suite - Coastal Kitchen wasnt a positive/perk for us to consider, as we wanted to be with everyone else. We (my wife and kids) are however planning to try to get to Coastal Kitchen atleast for lunch, maybe a late second dinner one night after dinner with the family elsewhere. On a positive note, I did book everyone in the 6 room
  10. Yes the beds could split apart, but so could the bed in the original room I had them in. Yes the bathroom is better, was actually surprised how nice when I watched some videos. I thought I heard if you do a Royal Upgrade to a Suite from a non suite room, you dont get double C&A points. Certainly not an expert, but I thought I read that somewhere.
  11. ok heres an update - as I was really kicking myself on this My sister and her fiance, have the same room category that my mother and brother had prior to the royal up. My sister's royal up is still available to be viewed, as she hasnt made an offer. Here is the description of the junior suite they give you prior to making an offer. Now it seems I have customer services attention. I bidded on a Junior Suite with a sofa bed, and wasnt given a Junior Suite with sofa bed. Customer Service supervisor had me email him this in a pdf form, which I did and waited for h
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