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  1. So I see that the Anthem has arrived home in Bayonne and thus far I haven't heard any news of coronavirus issues. Has anyone heard anything about the Anthem since arriving home this morning? I'm hopeful that all is well, we're on an upcoming Anthem sailing
  2. Couple thoughts! Given that you've never been to NYC before I'm sure you will want to do all of the iconic "NYC" things. But in addition to that draw, I encourage and highly recommend taking one of the Foods of NY food tours. Most of them will take you into neighborhoods you would probably never visit given that you haven't been to the city before. Any of them are a great option, but I would recommend starting with either of the Greenwich Village tours. This part of NYC will feel very different from what you probably expect New York to be like (in a good way!) Everyone will have very
  3. So I noticed that my previously purchased shore excursion just dropped in price (not a huge difference but still an opportunity to save a little money) so my plan is to cancel and re-purchase. However, the initial purchase involved onboard credit. So the question is, if I cancel the purchase of my shore excursion will they give me the OBC back to purchase the excursion again? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for that update @JLMoran, I had no idea that the mall has been built since I’ve worked in that area!
  5. I used to work in NYC, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. Generally speaking, I do not recommend staying in new york or its immediate surroundings unless you need to. I don't recall how early you are arriving ahead of the cruise but if it's only one day in advance and you don't plan on visiting the City...don't do that to yourself. You are going to find better hotel rates within an hour of the port (Jersey side) than you are staying in the City or its boroughs. Not to mention, you're going to pay to take any of the bridges/tunnels into the city or its boroughs. Were it not for my husband who
  6. We cheated on Royal earlier this year and cruised with NCL on the Breakaway. I echo an earlier post by saying that the NCL dining was fantastic. I also agree that the Breakaway class will feel most similar to your experiences. The "freebies" (who are we kidding, we're still paying for these) were a nice incentive for us. However, in my personal opinion, the Breakaway class ships (Breakaway Plus class included) are just poorly designed. The impression I get is that NCL wants to be everything for all people all the time so what you end up with is a ship crammed with a 1000 different options that
  7. We cruised on the Allure in late-September of 2018 and had a total blast! The weather was great; there was one night that the seas were a little rough. It just so happened that the night the seas were acting up a bit we were at the aqua theater show. The water was splashing up out of the pool and into the first row of seats AND YET the performers still went on with the show and it was INCREDIBLE. We took advantage of the September sailing because the rate couldn't be beat (the benefit of sailing during Hurricane Season) and were very happy with our cruise vacation! I'm confident you
  8. Day 2 - At Sea My husband is a light sleeper so getting a good night's sleep on this cruise was a worry of mine...he slept the best he has ever slept in his life on the ship! The first few days we ran into some rough seas so there was considerable rocking side-to-side throughout the first half of the cruise. I was surprised that we would feel anything on the ship but the crew kept saying they have never felt so much on this ship. It turns out that there were lots of storms going through the Caribbean over the week so the high winds contributed to the rougher seas. But we had planned ahead
  9. Day 1 - Fort Lauderdale We flew JetBlue from New York and utilizing the Hopper app several months ago managed an excellent deal ($500 roundtrip for two people). We were also fortunate to stay with great friends of ours right in Fort Lauderdale so we were fortunate to not have a hotel expense as we flew in the night prior. The morning of our cruise, we made sure to purchase our two bottles of wine (intending to minimize alcohol purchases onboard). We found our boarding experience at the terminal to be organized chaos which I don't intend to sound negative, only to illustrate th
  10. I have been a mostly silent Royal Caribbean Blog follower/listener since May of this year when we booked this Allure of the Seas September 30th Eastern Caribbean sailing. Before I go any further, I must say that I would be remiss not to acknowledge and thank @Matt for creating this community which proved to be an incredible asset for myself and my husband as we planned our vacation. We had an incredible time, Matt, this forum, your website and your podcast were absolutely invaluable to me as I planned our cruise THANK YOU! Next, I have read many live blogs on this site and could only aspi
  11. We had the same experience, many pharmacies said it was on a "backorder for an indefinite period..." Good luck!
  12. It's very interesting that you have been unable to fill Scopolamine in Texas as we had the same problem in New York. We scoured other pharmacies, beyond our preferred one, and managed to find one pharmacy with enough to fill our prescription...so keep searching if you haven't already! If you do end up filling the prescription, we found that we had "cotton mouth" constantly so be prepared to drink lots of water. Sorry I couldn't add anything re: vertigo. Best of luck!
  13. We just returned from a Sept 30th sailing on the Allure of the Seas via Fort Lauderdale and used the Luggage Valet program. It was incredibly easy to participate and well worth the $50 fee ($25/bag). Our luggage safely arrived at our final destination and we walked off the ship when we were ready, avoiding all of the waiting for your number to be called nonsense.
  14. I would just add that we upgraded our Oceanview Stateroom to a Boardwalk Balcony on the Allure after our final payment date. Hopefully, you have utilized a travel agent because I believe this is where they demonstrate significant value. I asked our TA 2 - 3 times following our initial deposit to price balcony staterooms for us. It just so happened that after our final payment a slew of balconies became available and the cost difference was negligible (I noticed based upon my obsession with watching prices on Royal's website). I phoned our TA and within minutes she had us upgraded into a neighb
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