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  1. Hello. We are in Cozumel on a Sunday. Both Nachi Cocom and Mr. Sancho's are closed on Sunday. Where else do you recommend?
  2. My sister works for US customs and she said I could bring back as much vanilla as I wanted.
  3. I am cruising on Symphony of the Seas in a couple of weeks. My sister really likes the drinks at the champagne bar but on Symphony this bar has been replaced by the bionic bar. Is there a bar on Symphony that will have champagne based drinks?
  4. I was planning to drop my rental car off at the Budget location near the Port of Miami but now I am reading terrible reviews. Has anyone used this location? Thoughts?
  5. I know Wonderland offers a martini tasting and there is a fee for this activity. What I want to know is if I have a drink package do I have to pay as well? Thanks for your help, Theresa
  6. I am sailing on Symphony in February and was wondering if the ship will have the luggage valet program. Also, does anyone know with the port's upgrades if they will use the mobile passport app? Thanks! Theresa
  7. Hello. I am really interested in purchasing a dining package on my next cruise on Symphony of the Seas in February 2019. But I am really a Type "A" personality and it really worries me that I wouldn't be able to dine when I like, usually between 6:00 and 7:00. Is hard to get these time slots? Also, is the hibachi experience included?
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