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  1. Most on these boards would tell you to book what you want if you see a price that you consider acceptable. Then keep checking the price and if it drops, cancel what you have and rebook at the lower price.
  2. Scenario 4 - bring two bottles at boarding AND purchase a bottle or three from Vintages.
  3. One grandparent would mean at least 1/4 Irish. Unfortunately, it goes a few generations farther back for me.
  4. Only several? Or is that several times per day?
  5. I'm 1/8 Irish. Do I qualify to get an Irish passport?
  6. In the recent past it was theoretically no shorts or tee shirts for dinner in the MDR.
  7. In order to receive double points, one must already be a C&A member. Membership is conferred upon completion of one's first cruise. First-time cruisers may obtain a "number" but that first cruise will still only garner standard points as they are not a member until completion of that first cruise.
  8. There is no benefit to having a membership number on your first cruise. After the cruise, everyone in the family will receive credit for the cruise. Simply contact the C&A desk to have numbers assigned to each individual and link them together based on sharing the same address. That way, if you and your husband cruise without the kids they will still progress through the C&A tier process based on your activity.
  9. I'm willing to bet that there are still at least 200 who will push in front of you at the Windjammer buffet and/or rush onto the elevator without letting others off first.
  10. Use them for non-alcoholic versions, or smoothies, or (at the very least) bottles of water to hydrate your hubby.
  11. So much to see and so many options for things to do - if I had the opportunity to do those B2B I would not hesitate for a second.
  12. Hire qualified individuals to work in the RCL IT department?
  13. If the suite is less than the two balconies - go for it. We have used the 2 BR suites on family trips and they are great. We love the aft-facing staterooms as watching the wake on a sea day, leaving port, and at night is very relaxing. As you noted, the suite perks are a bonus as well. The only "downside" (if you want to call it that) is that one of the bedrooms is essentially an interior cabin - those sleeping there must exit to the common area to see outside.
  14. Something to note - the last "sale" with most excursions listed as "10% off" just ended. The items purchased for a sailing next June at those rates are now all listed at "25% off" with a total savings of $36 per person (what was $207.96 each has dropped to $171.96 each). Good time to check your prices.
  15. Would it be bad form to re-gift to someone you don't know?
  16. I can account for where about 10 of them went. Would be happy to return them if you like.
  17. That "maybe" pile could be telling you it's time to schedule a couple more voyages.
  18. Sadly the "extra" entries to the lottery don't give any improved odds for advanced C&A status. EVERYONE can get 12 entries. Pinnacle can enter once and get credit for all 12. Diamond (my current level) get 8 entries for the initial effort and I just completed the "form" 4 additional times to get to the 12.
  19. That's one way to drive specialty dining business!
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