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  1. I was up that way last week on the Grandeur (much smaller ship) and the seas were fine until we got up near Halifax. It got really windy and there were pretty good sized waves. They were putting out sea-sickness bags by the elevators. Other than that one night, it wasn't bad at all. I think it had more to do with the winds than anything else.
  2. We didn't really pay attention to the content of the Adventure Ocean since the kids weren't there, but from what we saw on the TV I think they would have enjoyed it. They are 4, 6, and 8 though. I don't know what there would be for older kids or teens besides the rock wall and the small arcade. There just isn't much space for anything else. There were only a couple dozen kids on board at most. One other thing -not Grandeur specific- that I thought would be helpful was to have an app with all the cruise compass info available on it. There were several times we were trying to figure out what to do and didn't have the paper copy with us. There are touch screens by the elevators but out by the pool or sitting at a bar it would have been a nice feature.
  3. My wife and I just returned from a kid free cruise on Grandeur for our 10th anniversary and I wanted to share some thoughts. This was a New England/Canada itinerary. I had previously been on Adventure way back in 2004, this was my wife's first cruise. I'm not much of a poster on these boards, but I have been reading/lurking for a while now to get all of the current info (thanks!). My first impression of the ship was how small it was. I know Adventure isn't huge, but the Grandeur was surprisingly small. We didn't feel cramped or crowded though - except maybe in the Windjammer at lunch. You can see that the ship is on the older side, but mostly just from the exterior. The public spaces inside looked well-kept and clean. Our balcony cabin felt dated - some vent covers were broken, the sliding door was barely hanging on. We did MDR every night for dinner with no issues. Our head waiter was amazing. My wife is vegan, so we were a little worried about finding food she could eat and actually enjoy, but the head waiter took care of everything. There was a small vegan menu, but by about the third dinner she just told him to pick everything since he was doing such a good job. We spent a lot of time with our drink packages in the Schooner Bar - or should I say the highway between the centrum and the south pacific lounge. Every night there was a steady stream of people coming and going from karaoke or art auctions etc. It seemed to bother the performers at times. The crew was great - as many have mentioned previously on the boards. There were hugs and handshakes all around on the last night. The ports were great. We had never been up to New England before. It was a little chilly in a couple spots - St John especially, and there was one night of pretty rough seas going into Halifax. They brought out the bags after dinner. I felt there was a lot more movement on this ship compared to the Adventure, but the north Atlantic is not the same as the southern Caribbean so probably not a fair comparison. Overall, we had a great trip. I think I've convinced my wife to cruise again, hopefully it won't take 10 more years. Our biggest drawback was the smoking in the casino. It was terrible. There was no where to go where you didn't smell the smoke. Other than that, I don't think this ship would be the best for kids. There weren't many on board, and besides the Adventure Ocean, there wasn't much for them to do. I don't think the pool was even open on a couple days when it was in the upper 50's. Anyway, thanks for all the tips and advice - this website was a huge help with planning. Happy cruising!
  4. 07 - Grandeur My wife's first cruise, and my first since 2004 on Adventure.
  5. What about beer? I'm going to NE/Canada on Grandeur, will I be able to bring a case of beer back onto the ship? Not a customs issue, but will they just store it for me until the end of the cruise?
  6. I just renewed mine in January. The paperwork is pretty easy, and it only took about 2 1/2 weeks before they had shipped the new one - even though they say it could take up to 6 weeks. They sent the old passport back about a week later.
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