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  1. I know you can get Izumi hibachi on the unlimited plan, but can we do it on a 3 night package?
  2. My favorite embarkation day lunch on Oasis class is the kummelwich sandwich at park cafe! I’ll be enjoying it one week from today.
  3. Seriously @twangster it didn’t even occur to me for Oasis!
  4. I noticed the one out of Fort Lauderdale is a charter. Maybe that’s the missing sailing as well. ?? I guess the app has given us access to too much knowledge about other sailings.
  5. We go on Oasis in about a month, and I noticed some weird scheduling items over the next month on the app. It’s missing a sailing, and one is short and leaving from FLL. I’m a pretty loyal blog follower but haven’t heard anything about this. Am I missing something?
  6. @JLMoran thank you so much for the details! watching youtube videos right now, so I'll check one of those out!
  7. @JLMoran question about the coaster: do you hike up to the top? or is there a tram situation? I have the all day pass for myself and plan to take each one of my three sons a couple of times, just wondering how long it takes each time. thanks!
  8. My Oasis Feb 2019 sailing used to show the roller coaster, but it's gone now. Not sure if its a glitch and will show up later or if they are closing the alpine coaster down. What a bummer if that's true.
  9. I know that this isn't the official policy, but when we traveled JS on Oasis, every time we showed up at a show, they were more than happy to let us into the suite guest reserved seating. No one batted an eye. It was our favorite perk!
  10. My husband and I head out on Allure in 8 days. As this is our 10 year anniversary and our last cruise before we plan to start bringing our little kids with us, we decided to both upgrade to a JS and go for the ultimate dining package so we can try all of the restaurants. I'm wondering if it is still worthwhile to try dinner one night at CK since we already have the ultimate dining package. So, I guess my question is, would you rather dine at one of the specialty restaurants or at CK? Is it worth experiencing once? Thanks for your help! Maggie
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