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  1. I had a terrible time getting in Uber on a cruise that ended in New Jersey. We were one of the first off the ship that morning. I went outside and ordered an Uber. It took a long time but it finally confirmed driver who is about 15 minutes away. The driver canceled within a minute or so. It found me another driver but he was over 25 minutes away. The Uber driver that finally arrived told me that all of the drivers queue up outside of the pick up area and wait for Uber to go into surge pricing before they take rides.
  2. Status match? Mind BLOWN! I have a confession to make. I used the term “spouse” prematurely. Any chance they will status match for girlfriends? We share an address and have cruised together frequently. I’m not ready to give her a diamond but would be willing to give her diamond status.
  3. If you are Diamond but your spouse is not, do they get any of the D privileges? For example the free drinks or access to the D lounge?
  4. I assume you are bringing your Instamatic as well, right?
  5. Serenade 10/21/2018 Allure 04/07/2019 Symphony 11/23/2019
  6. After years of going it on my own and booking direct I started using MEI. They haven’t made any New reservations for me but I have transferred at least three cruises over to that were recently booked. I guess it’s luck of the draw you get, but I’m having issues with the person I am dealing with. I don’t know if my expectations are out of whack but the responsiveness that I was hoping for is just not there. Not sure how I will handle future bookings. - Update: On further reflection it’s more a problem with ME letting go than it is a problem with the TA.
  7. We will be on Adventure, so looks like the iMessage wifi trick won't work. We are going to try out the communication thing, but I'm still not clear if the price is per person or per stateroom and if we can purchase it ahead of time or if we have to wait until we are on the ship? Thanks all!
  8. So the app was 795 for the whole stateroom. If there were two people in the stateroom they could both use the app and text? Also it looks like you have to buy it on the ship and can’t purchase it ahead of time - how did that work? We are planning on using it for very basic status updates with our kids.
  9. To show you where my head is at, I was thinking you were talking about dinner!
  10. a Notary seal does not make something legal or binding. Having something notarized just validates the identities of the parties.
  11. Windjammer is just not an option for me. My love for the MDR is so strong that I’d put up with just about any sort of seating situation in the MDR. Would love to hear about anyone else that has done this to see what seating configuration they encountered.
  12. So should I prepare to be with other solos, or will they stick me with a family of 3/5/7 to make an even number, or do they match solos? Either way I’m going to be “go with the flow” as this is a new experience.
  13. I saw this topic discussed once before but now I can’t find it. I booked a solo cruise on Serenade in October for a steal! I am signed up for the 530 dining in MDR but am wondering how they will handle this. My preference would be to be seated with others but a solo table is fine as well. Any idea what I can expect?
  14. There is a cruise planner promotion going on. Is there a banner or something that should appear that indicates if my sailing has a discount? I didn’t note prices previously so I can’t really tell if there is a discount. I’m booked on Adventure in August and Serenade in October and the Delux Package seems to be $45 for Adventure and $42 for Serenade.
  15. Booked my first cruise through John Hancock Vitality program. I’m at the Gold level with JH that gets me 40% off. I showed it to my MEI Travel contact who agreed it was a pretty amazing deal and way better than what he could offer. The website I had to submit payment on felt a little sketchy but all of the other John Hancock rewards have worked out fine so I went forward and made it happen.
  16. Thank you so very much for your help! I really appreciate you taking the time and even understanding which ship so you can offer even better advice. Thanks again.
  17. I’m wondering about the communication package that they advertise for certain ships. If we get that for the kids, and I already have the Internet package do I also need to purchase the communications package to communicate with them, or can I do the same thing through my Internet package? I’m also curious about how it works. The advertisement says that you communicate with anybody else that has the package on the ship. Do you build an address book of people or is it pre-populated with everybody on the ship?
  18. I am traveling with friends next week on anthem. They have decided not to do the online check-in. Anyone have any insight into what the boarding experience is like if you did not do the online check-in? I’m assuming that other than not having luggage tags it’s not too big of a deal but I’m not sure.
  19. Congrats dude! I am always worried that on the cruises where I am staying with a group of people in s block of rooms that I’ll be upgraded to a different area. I guess it wouldnt be that bad...
  20. All of the other rewards with John Hancock Vitality have been exactly as advertised and any fine-print was up front. For example, I got a free iWatch, but they were totally up front about how many steps per month I needed to get to avoid having to pay. For the cruise benefit, I am at the 30% off tier and I submitted an inquiry through the agent required in the John Hancock program. I plugged in two of my upcoming cruises to compare what JH says I will spend compared to what I actually booked it for. On my ’19 Symphony cruise, JH showed me only about a $500 savings on my balcony room. On my ’18 Adventure cruise, JH shows about $1000 on my balcony room. Based on the caps built into the program, I may use it on the Adventure cruise but not the Symphony. Saving only $500 is not worth it, especially when the JH program requires me to pay in full up front. -Larry
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