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  1. Thanks @kadmgs for the clarification. My next cruise is a Junior Suite level - which does not get me access to the suite lounge I don't think. But if I were to Royal Up to an official suite, do I get access to the suite lounge even if I got there via RoyalUp?
  2. Hold up... Are you saying we get 4 "free drinks" loaded on our card and free drinks in the Diamond Lounge? If I have four drinks at the pool and then head to the lounge before dinner - do I drink for free while in the lounge?
  3. There are a number of other factors that sometimes make it so you cannot use the benefit. I've had a few since I had the right number of shares where the shareholder benefit told me that my booking was not eligible.
  4. I just got off of a 7 day charter cruise on Mariner. I was a solo traveler in a promenade room. The last time I did the cruise, I got a full 14 points (as a solo traveler on a 7 nigher). The booking dates and the cruise dates are within the parameters of the double points offer below. I wonder if it will apply to me even though it's a charter. Anyone care to guess? What is the double points offer? The double points offer is exclusive to our most loyal guests, the Crown & Anchor Society members! Members will receive double Cruise Points on bookings made through September 30, 2021 for sailings departing January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.
  5. Just had a little win I wanted to share. My wife and her sister are cruising together each with a daughter. We originally booked interiors. I bid on obstructed view balconies for both at $10 over the minimum and won both. The reservation that was just a guarantee room came in first, (two weeks before sailing) and the other came in today (4 days to sailing).
  6. MCC2005 - YES! I am on it. Super excited. Are you on it? This voyage is going to be awesome. They do a great job rebranding the whole ship to the Trek brand. I do not usually like Promenade View rooms but for STTC IV and STTC V I went Promenade View just for the people watching which is amazing. I will say it's kind of jarring the first time you walk into a venue and are faced with a Klingon. Live long and prosper.
  7. The only thing I look forward to on disembarkation day is walking by the “Table of Shame”. For those of you who have not seen it or do not know what it is, the table of shame is usually one of the last things you pass before picking up your luggage. What looks like a few port employees having the worlds worst yard sale is really just the place for you to pickup anything that was confiscated from you on embarkation day. I love to look at what is there and would love to see if we could get members of this group to snap photos and post them here for us all to enjoy. We sailed Odyssey on the NYE cruise and the table of shame was top-notch. I saw a full size stand up fan, the kind with the round base that oscillates, a space heater and several irons. I’m kicking myself for not snapping a photo to kick this thread off properly.
  8. Anyone else on Oasis out of NJ July 29? Not the best itinerary but wow - what a ship! Also departing out of NJ saves us a lot on airfare.
  9. Hey, we are booked on the 12/26 sailing as well. Our family is pretty vacation starved right now and our position is if the ship sails we will be on it - regardless of the restrictions. Making that decision has helped put some of our anxiety at bay. Our policy is to make the most of whatever we can get. Assuming it was booked to 100% capacity I wonder what actual capacity will be when she sails. What is the mood of your crew RFSDVM? Are you also committed to going if she sails?
  10. I know I sometimes get $5 free to gamble with, but I never thought of using my excess OBC to gamble which is brilliant.
  11. When I read the title of the topic, this is what went through my mind... Funny how the spelling of one word can change the context of a sentance.
  12. Looking for advice on how to properly recognize my WONDERFUL MEI Travel Agent for all the amazing work they do for me. With everyone working from home I don't really have a way to send a gift or card. Surely I'm not the only person who has thought of this.
  13. I don't disagree that there are easier ways to get the points, but right now I have less vacation time than money so it's more realistic for me to do it this way. Plus I've got a good amount of Cruise Credit to burn.
  14. I'm solo on a 5 night cruise this summer. That should get me 4 points per night or 20 total. Should I upgrade to a Junior Suite to get 10 extra points? The difference is about $1400.
  15. We sail on 12/26 which makes our testing window 12/24 - 12/25. We have the at-home tests approved by RCCL but are wondering if they are open for proctored testing on Christmas Day or not. I searched the emed site and submitted the question but no response. Anybody know?
  16. These Yo2slick think for yourself sessions sound fascinating. Wish I could have been there. So during this session you decided that limiting what droplets might enter or leave your mouth and nose is not a good idea? Can you walk the rest of us through your logic? What made limiting droplet exposure a bad idea for Yo2slick and those around you? This is truly not sarcasm, I would love for you to explain your process.
  17. There are a lot of first responders out there on the front lines that wear masks. Let me know when you want to go up to the firehouse with me to tell the firefighters that real men don’t wear masks.
  18. I’m not a healthcare worker when I’m at Schooner bar (drinking a very dirty martini and doing poorly at trivia). The entire article you quoted is specific to healthcare workers wearing cloth masks for long periods of time.
  19. I’m the opposite I look for places that are mask-required. A barrier makes me more comfortable. Anything I can do within reason to avoid bringing a virus home is worth the inconvenience in my opinion. Keep us posted on your haircut protest.
  20. This does not support your argument as this does not apply to us cruisers. This study relates to “Widespread use of cloth masks by healthcare workers”. Healthcare workers need the disposable masks that can be changed after every patient. Clearly.
  21. Do you have any facts to back this up? Fauci said when cleaned properly, masks work as barriers. How could a clean barrier increase the chance of respiratory illness?
  22. Last week I cancelled a cruise (that has since been cancelled by RCCL). I had two rooms booked, one for my wife and I and one for some friends we were ‘gifting’ a cruise to. Because I canceled our only option was FCC. Turns out (according to my agent) the FCC will be split and in the name of each each party on the reservation. The two people we gifted the cruise to are very unlikely to cruise again. I am wondering if the FCC is transferable (back to me) or if it can ONLY be used by the parties I was gifting the cruise to? Larry
  23. I think the next question is CAN you still go on a cruise if your work requires a 10 day isolation. I've heard of people restricting travel because of quarantine restrictions in place by their employers. Larry
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