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  1. Is anyone else getting price drops for their cruise in 2021 we are on the Freedom of the Seas June 2021 in a suite and had had several so far to the tune of over 900.00 total. We have friends going on same cruise staying in a balcony room and have had several also.
  2. Yes it will there is the bed plus the sofa which is a bed and two bunk beds.
  3. We have one booked on Freedom of the Seas next June. We got to see one on Adventure of the Seas 2 years. I like suits with balconies but my wife won on the cabin but it’s really nice.
  4. When this is over they might have to lower prices to get some back on board.
  5. Freedom of the Seas June 5th to the 10th 2021 to Bermuda.
  6. Just use Google to check for a cruise packing list there are many of them.
  7. Never mind just checked email and was contacted :).
  8. Do they still contact you before your cruise sailing on the Adventure of the Seas net Friday and have not been contacted I have been contacted in the past.
  9. The question I ask you during the live facebook show did not come out correctly what I was trying to say was in the Suites Lounge during the day time not during the evening hours from 5-830PM what drinks are available. Ed
  10. Finally got it to work. Sail passes printed.
  11. I am using an Imac wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  12. Its correct when I take it but when I upload it to the sail pass it turns sideways I have tried about everything I know to fix it.
  13. When I select a photo to upload for the sail pass it shows up sideways. What am I doing wrong.
  14. Question they want you to upload a photo now should you take your glasses off or leave them on for the photo. I forget if you have to take them off at the pier what they take your photo.
  15. How soon do you need it I went to a post office that handles passport renewals had the paper worked filled out took guy 15 minutes for his part paid the 110.00 plus the mailing that was about 5.00 and 4 weeks later had new passport. Ed
  16. I did not get the newsletter not sure whats going on just got off phone with C+A they said they reset my email address but could not send me that newsletter.
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