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  1. I got an email to Royal up already in a suite but for 370.00 PP i can try for the Royal Suite or 210.00 PP for the Owners Suite I don't think so.
  2. Sailing also in June final payment is due June 5th.
  3. Thanks I did not notice that was to much in a hurry.
  4. Check in 90 days? Would that be currently with final payment pushed back? I have 92 days till our cruise.
  5. Have always used our credit card on board never had problems plus like the money back from our credit card. We have the money already in another account to pay off any thing that is charged on the card so when we are all done everything is paid for just like the cruise is paid for before we leave. We have a vacation fund put money each week. Since two cruises have been canceled because on the virus that fund is fine :).
  6. I hope the test before the cruise goes away before June.
  7. I got three price drops on my current cruise coming up.
  8. I am cruising with friends and we are traveling together to the dock how do we make sure we can get the same check in times?
  9. Ok I just logged into my reservation final payment and it now says must be paid by April 5th.
  10. Will we be notified of this change from Royal by email or will it show up on our reservation online?
  11. Must you upload documents now when you do your online check in?
  12. Cruising June 4th and final payment is due March 6th.
  13. I finally got a discount for LE this coming cruise.
  14. Do you think they will do away with the home test in the coming months?
  15. I have gotten several price drops since I first booked my cruise on Nov 2020. I have saved 481.00 and just last week added 175.00 OBC. It pays to keep checking the price.
  16. My wife renewed hers did everything at home filled out the paper work mailed it priority and she got her new passport back in 10 days. That was through the Philadelphia office.
  17. Yes I have gotten water in the suite lounge but the bourbon was better :).
  18. Mine went up 24.00 but I got 175.00 OBC so it was worth it. My new receipt the codes are all different so they must have done everything different. I did see that there is a promotion going on between Feb 1-28 so this might be why my friend and I got the OBC. I think I got more because I am in a suite.
  19. FYI a friend of mine was on the web and saw information ( I don't have the address) about Royal Caribbean deals they were promoting we are both booked on Adventure for June 22 so he called Royal and got a small price reduction and 100.00 on board credit. I then called and ended up with a 175.00 on board credit. That's all I know about it but if you have a cruise this year might be worth calling and see if you can get anything. I wish I had the URL to give.
  20. Invicta was re-established in 1991 when the brand was acquired by American owners. While the corporate headquarters for Invicta is located in Hollywood, Florida, Invicta still produces some of its line in Switzerland, and specifies these watches as "Swiss Made" on its website. Most of the Invicta watches are made in China, and the watch movements are Japanese NH35A. Some Invicta watches are made in Swiss, and the movements are swiss sellita SW500 or SW200. Both materials make the watch penny worthy. I have two of them and they both have been in the waters of the Caribbean and the waters of Bermuda plus hot tubs on the ships and they work fine and keep good time.
  21. June 4th 2022 Adventure of the Seas
  22. I only mean we are coming to the port with the same car service we are all in different cabins. we only only need to check in at the same time.
  23. If there are three parties traveling together to the port how can you make sure they all get the same check in time?
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