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  1. Who is cruising at 1994 prices? We started cruising in 2002 and had a balcony cabin on Explorer of the Seas for 7 nights for less than $1,300. In fact I believe we spent less than $1,800 for the entire trip to include staying in the Doubletree on Miami Beach the night before the cruise. Can't do that now.
  2. It seems many in the RCI management have experience working in the airline business and it shows. Remember though, people must fly for business or to go a great distance in a limited time frame, however no one has to cruise. Keep reducing the experience and people will find other ways to spend their leisure time and money. Remember when you looked forward to flying? You may soon have that same memory of cruising on RCI as you spend your vacation elsewhere.
  3. One of the things that impressed us when we started cruising 15 years ago was how nice it was to be able to dress up and enjoy being amongst an entire ship of passengers all trying to look their best. You did not dare go to the MDR in the evening unless you were in compliance with the "evening dress' recommendation. Over the last few years this standard has not been enforced and in fact most nights it looks no better than your local McDonalds at lunch time, and sometimes even worse than that. RCL should return to their previous standards. For those slobs who are just to stressed out by having to get dressed up while on vacation RCL should rope off a section of the MDR or possibly dedicate the upper floor to accommodate those who wish not to look descent and come to the MDR to "eat" instead of a dining experience.
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