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Spotted: Izumi Sushi on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas

15 Aug 2016

Guests aboard Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas can now enjoy Izumi-quality sushi, despite not having an Izumi location.

Photo by Kayla Gillman

We reported earlier this summer that Royal Caribbean would be offering Izumi-level sushi across its fleet on ships that did not have an Izumi location, and we have a look at the Izumi sushi on Majesty of the Seas.

There are a few different varieties of sushi available at the Windjammer during dinner and priced a la carte.  These include

  • Crispy Philly: $8
  • Crispy Tuna: $5
  • Vegetarian Sushi Sampler: $6
  • California roll with masago and scallions: $6
  • Half Futomaki: $8
  • Spicy Salmon Avocado roll: $7
  • Shrimp Crunchy Roll: $8
  • Spicy Tuna in Togarashi: $7

Photo by Kayla Gillman

Royal Caribbean wanted to offer guests something quick and easy to enjoy, without having to dedicate time for a sit-down meal.

Royal Caribbean to offer new takeout sushi option fleet-wide by July 1

17 Jun 2016

Royal Caribbean's Izumi Head Chef Travis Kamiyama confirmed that all Royal Caribbean ships will offer a takeout version of Izumi by July 1, 2016.

Dubbed, "Izumi Express", this new offering is a takeaway service that offers packaged sushi, ready to go, at a "very discounted price."

There will be special express carts that will offer up to eight sushi rolls.

Izumi Express on Adventure of the Seas

Izumi Express on Freedom of the Seas. Photo by Travis Kamiyama.

Royal Caribbean wanted to offer guests something quick and easy to enjoy, without having to dedicate time for a sit-down meal.

Chef Kamiyama confirmed that the Izumi Express option has been rolled out to a few ships already, and it will be fleet-wide by July 1st.

We tried Izumi Express on Navigator of the Seas, and it worked out very well for being able to enjoy sushi quickly and without the sit down experience.

Spotted: Sushi to go on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas

07 Mar 2016

Ever since Royal Caribbean launched the Izumi specialty restaurant on Oasis of the Seas, the concept of having high quality sushi on a cruise ship has really taken off with guests.

While on Allure of the Seas last week, we spotted a new sushi option in the Royal Promenade that is perfect for guests on the go.

This new sushi option was on the Royal Promenade on embarkation day, and featured three types of maki rolls that guests could purchase on the spot and take with them anywhere onboard.

  • Salmon Lovers roll: $13
  • Crispy Spicy Shrimp roll: $13
  • Snow crab California roll $13

While onboard Allure of the Seas, we did not see any other times sushi to go being offered, but it was something different to see.

Would you buy one of these sushi to go options? Tell us in the comments!

Sushi on Royal Caribbean: Everything you need to know

04 Sep 2015

One of the most popular foods these days has to be sushi and on a Royal Caribbean cruise, guests can enjoy sushi throughout their cruise.

Sushi is a healthy and incredibly tasty meal that seems to becoming more and more popular.  Here is where you can get sushi on a Royal Caribbean cruise, how much it will cost and everything else important to know.


When Royal Caribbean launched Oasis of the Seas back in 2009, the cruise line added a brand new specialty restaurant dedicated to sushi and Japanese cuisine, Izumi.

Izumi specialty restaurants have spread like wild fire to many other ships in the fleet and each Izumi restaurant offers guests popular sushi rolls, sashimi, hot rock (Ishiyaki) plates, sukiyaki and more.

For sushi lovers, Izumi is the place onboard Royal Caribbean to get sushi because of the quality and variety available.

The following Royal Caribbean ships have Izumi available onboard

Izumi is a specialty restaurant that charges a la carte for items on the menu.  There is no cover charge, and instead you are charged for what you order.

Izumi is open for dinner on every night and lunch on sea days.

Izumi Hibachi & Sushi

Royal Caribbean re-imagined Izumi in recent refurbishments for the Oasis class ships, that combines what you would typically find in Izumi on other ships with a hibachi experience.

In addition to the sushi rolls and sashimi offered at Izumi, guests can also order from a full teppanyaki menu.

The hibachi meals have a cover charge that includes the entree. Choices include Beef, Chicken, Lobster or Shrimp.

Each meal includes soup or salad, edamame app, fried rice or lo mein noodles, cooked veggies and dessert.

Essentially, the restaurant is divided in two sections: one section for sushi and the other section for the hibachi.

Sushi is priced exactly the same at Izumi Hibachi & Sushi, with sushi priced for each individual roll or piece.

Izumi Express

As of July 1, 2016, all Royal Caribbean ships also offer an Izumi Express option, where guests can purchase take-out sushi.

Izumi Express is a takeaway service that offers packaged sushi, ready to go, at a very discounted price.


On some Royal Caribbean ships, there is a section in the Windjammer called Jade, where guests can enjoy Asian food of all kinds.

In the evenings, Jade usually offers sushi rolls to guests that are complimentary.

The selection of sushi available at Jade is more limited than Izumi, with usually a half dozen hand rolls available at any given time. There is no nigiri sushi and none of it is made to order.

The chief benefit to Jade is that it is complimentary and available in the evening for dinner.  

Jade sushi was Royal Caribbean's first foray into sushi but has largely been replaced or superceded by Izumi.  

Jade is still available on a number of Royal Caribbean ships, mostly those ships that lack an Izumi.

Which sushi have you had on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Tell us in the comments!

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