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35 minutes ago, RBRSKI said:

I had a rumor that the coffee on Royal Ships are made from powder?  I find this very hard to believe!  This individual made reference to the Oasis class ships and the number of passengers, they would not be able to brew coffee the traditional way of hot water and coffee grinds. 

Reminds me of the old Folgers coffee crystals commercials: 


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I wouldn’t be surprised if it is powder. Most of the time I’ll bet most restaurants use powder as well. Unless you are eating at a fine dining type restaurant.

i would expect that for a cruise line like Royal, Carnival, or Norwegian, I would get powder coffee unless a pay extra for gourmet coffee.

If I was sailing Crystal, Regent, or Silversea, or similar, then I would expect upscale coffee from freshly grounded beans.

Also keep in mind that instant coffee has a lower environmental impact. I do not dispute it doesn’t taste as good, but by no means do I find it terrible.

Just my opinion obviously.

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I've waited on coffee to be brewed on several ships.  It's not powdered (or what I would call "instant").  It's brewed right there on the spot in many of the venues.

Having said that, the coffee that they serve across the ship is terrible in my opinion, and I always express that opinion in the post-cruise surveys.  Of course the specialty coffee or Starbucks, when available, is much better.

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