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Drink Prices

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Can anyone tell me is the prices of Beers, Wine and Cocktails are standard across the fleet, or do they change from ship to ship. Specifically I'm interested in drink prices for Mariner of the Seas. We are sailing on her next January and trying to establish if it is worth purchasing a drinks package or not.


Many Thanks



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And to your original question, NO they are not always consistent on the same ship never mind from ship to ship :)


They are pretty close though so the price list will probably still be good for estimating your value on the drinks packages.


I could purchase a drink package on the ship, until there are less than 4 days left on the cruise.

So my question, would I count disembarkation day as a day on the ship, even though I would only be able to drink for a few hours until they kicked us off?

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I believe the days counted include embarkation day and each day thereafter, but not including disembarkation day. For a 7-day cruise leaving on Sunday, you would pay for Sunday through Saturday. Since embarkation day is a partial day, I believe they would honor it on disembarkation day since that is a partial day also... if you can find a bar that is open.


By the way, I just noticed that the cruise planner for our September cruise is offering some free stuff if you purchase the Ultimate Package: free Royal Refreshment package with free souvenir Coca Cola cup to share with a friend, plus a free bottle of Champaigne. Good for sailings between June 15 and August 31. That could make it attractive enough for some people to try the Ultimate Package.

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Concur with Steve on this, the disembarkation day is not counted for the packages. If you buy it up front for a seven night cruise for example you pay for 7 days. Embarkation day counts, 6 "days" of the cruise count, disembarkation day does not.


I purchased the Ultimate promo you reference Steve back when it first came out ... it has been something of a PR debacle for RCL but yes if you plan to sail before the end of August and would ordinarily buy a Premium and a Soda package you basically get the Ultimate upgrade for free.


It was originally advertised as Replenish package for free which was a much sweeter deal and for purchase between 6/15 and 8/31 which is why I have it reserved for my Thanksgiving cruise .... not quite sure how that is going to turn out :)

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