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Coke Freestyle question

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Any chance of it being introduced fleetwide? I've heard you say it's only supposed to be on the ships sailing in the US, but then again - the Jewel is returning to Europe again this summer. It's a small machine, though (at least the ones that are not built in). They might even take it off before the TA.

I'm going on my first cruise ever (Rhapsody in Oct.) and will probably will purchase the Royal Replenish Package due to the water and the premium coffee. I just think the package would be worth even more with the Freestyle Machine. I guess I don't feel like keep running up to the bartender to get more soda, I want to be able to get it myself.

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No, they have an RFID chip in them that is activate for the cruise. The cup will not register as "valid" on a future cruise .... technically on a back to back cruise you could probably do it as they seem to activate them for a longer period than just your cruise, but not on a future cruise.

I noticed mine was codes for 13 additional days on the Jewel even though it was a 7 night sailing. Perhaps this was so they didn't need to recode them for the next sailing.

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