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Izumi: much smaller menus

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Just looking at pre-booking dining on our March 10-15 Navigator of the Seas cruise. Looking at Izumi's menu on Royal's website, and about half the choices have been removed. I checked menus on other ships and it looked identical. No ramen, no hot rocks, basically nothing but sushi and sashimi. 

Has anyone tried Izumi lately? Has the menu gotten smaller?

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We were just on Grandeur over the 4th of July and the menu at the Izumi on Grandeur is the same as it has always been.  I cannot recall whether there is a difference between the Izumi menu on Grandeur and the Izumi menu on the O class ships but I don't really think there is any difference.  I could be wrong.  I don't pay that close of attention to such things.

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9 minutes ago, alamode123 said:

More worried about the ramen and potstickers. My girls will be 15. the two things they do are eat and complain. 🙂

Not sure if it helps but the "new" Mariner Izumi menu (after dry dock) has ramen noodles.  It also has spring rolls, tempura, and crispy chicken under apps.  I suspect Navigator will follow the same trend.

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