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No more detailed statements


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Hi all,

I just got back from a 5 day on the Vision of the Seas.  Last cruise with RC, which was back in 2016 on the Liberty of the Seas, I remember getting a nice, detailed statement of all charges..even zeroed charges (like stuff included in the beverage package).  This was useful to see, for amuzement purposes later, exactly how many drinks, coffees, sodas, etc. I consumed. 

The statement I have gotten now only contains actual charges and credits...no breakdown of all the drinks.  Since I am going back on a cruise in late September, it would be nice to see if the beverage package would be worth it for 7 days.

Does anyone know if this kind of statement is available any longer?  I know they have this info, I just don't know how to get it now.



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4 minutes ago, firegal2539 said:

My last cruise in February I went to a kiosk and printed that information myself. I got the same statement you did on the last night but I received one through email after I got home with all charges on it.

even the "zero" charges?  not the one that got emailed to me.

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The zero charges were on my account on the tv a few weeks ago on Harmony. I do remember that as I was annoyed having to scroll through all the zeros as I only really wanted to see what was charged. You could always take a pic while on the ship or You might have to go old school and keep a tally on paper.  

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3 hours ago, coneyraven said:

Considering my consumption level while on vacation, I can just imagine what mine would look like --- it would have to be bound and stitched because of how many pages it would be.

Haha....It was on my first cruise and first time with the drink package that I got the print out and it was quite the print out!...lol....but it very quickly assured me I had made the right choice! my first day tally paid for the whole cruise drink package and I have not looked back since!


I am sure it could be requested at guest services as I am sure they track that stuff very closely internally at least!

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