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Does Anthem sail by Statue of Liberty/Manhattan?

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I am reading a live blog that mentions the Captain took them by the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan and then turned around to head out to sea. I thought this was one of the neat experiences of sailing out of Bayonne but others mentioned that they couldn't believe the Captain did that- that it's not usually the case. Veteran Anthem travelers - what was your experience?

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I think most of the time it just sails out of the harbor, without a special trip closer to the Statue of Liberty.

As you noted, it has happened in the past periodically, but when I went on Anthem last year we did not make a special detour.

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The NY/NJ harbor is pretty busy and most times a harbor tour isn't authorized by the port authority.  It isn't that Royal wouldn't love to make this a standard part of the cruise, but it's out of their hands and in the hands of local officials.  Of 3 Anthem cruises It happened once for me.  I documented it in this live blog:



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