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We are in a 2 bedroom Grand suite on Grandeur and I know I can order dinner off the MDR menu and have it delivered to our room for dinner.  Is this also true for MDR breakfast or lunch or is that off of room service menu and is that free for suites?

I am also looking for MDR example dinner menus specifically for Grandeur.  On the menu page on this site Grandeur was not listed and all I am finding online are old menus which I know are not the same anymore.

Thank you!


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1 hour ago, Boston Babe said:

HI Raye, do you mean they would deliver Powered eggs if you didn't ask? Do the breakfasts typically come hot? My biggest thing are cold eggs ! Yuk! LOL 

Unfortunately, the MDR always serves powdered eggs and so you have to order carefully or you will get them.  On the O class ships (and probably on Q class as well) your orders come from the CK and you can get real eggs but on all the other classes you can only order what is available in the MDR and as Matt said, powdered eggs it unless you order around them.

The temperature of the food is a toss-up.  USUALLY our food arrives very promptly and it is still nice and hot but I have also had the delivery delayed with cold food.  It's room service - you get what you get.  

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12 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Any meal can be ordered from the MDR and delivered to your suite at no charge AS LONG as the order is for delivery during normal MDR operating hours.

I find breakfast to be particularly enjoyable.  Be sure and clarify that you want REAL eggs.

The best way to ensure real eggs is to never order scrambled eggs. They can't make you a sunny side up or over medium egg using the powdered stuff!

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