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New Features on Royal phone app

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When does it look like the new features will be available on the new Royal phone app they have announced?..in particular the free texting to your friends/family on board.  Was hoping it would be available for April 2019.  I figured they might roll it out on the Oasis & Quantum class first...of course I might enjoy that order your own drink app too (haha)

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We are booked on Allure of the Seas for Jan 14 2018 and when I did my online check in I had to take a security photo of myself and my husband. Also when I printed out my set sail passes after completing check in it talked about RFID luggage tracking being available. So I'm trying to hold in my excitement, but I think my husband and I will get to try out this brand new tech in the new year :10_wink:

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38 minutes ago, Jeff L said:

Anyone know if this the text option is available on Oasis of the Seas for October 28 2018 sailing?

As far as I know, the chat option is not enabled yet.  Of course, they might turn it on between now and Oct 28, but if/when that happens, we will report on it on the blog.

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