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Quantum Quickie


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I often read negatives about what didn't go right. Now its time for what did go right, which was most everything. From the time the taxi pulled up to the big blue girl all was good. The Key whisked us past the crowds right on board to a great chops lunch. Muster was quick and easy but required a red do as something didn't register with the system the first time. No problem I like deck 4 any way. Room great, attendant great, pre-ordered blanket and water in place.
Ketchikan maintained its rep as my favorite stop. Shopped till we dropped. Gal got a mastodon or mammoth bone bracelet. We watched the salmon in the river. Then we ducked the long lines of the fish house for my snaky "best place" the Crab and Go. Chowder of course good but the halibut they do is the best fish dish I have ever tasted (and I'm a pro fishing boat captain).
We did the bears in Sitka and they didn't disappoint. Lunch there was at a street vendor and we had snow crab rolls and wild berry tea.
Juneau we got lucky . Cab ride to the glacier was shared. The fog lifted allowing us to see it in all its glory. We saw eagles as well. We had done lunch aboard before going in to town so no food secrets there. Found a blanket in town for 1/4 the price they were charging back on the ship.
Sea days were spent on the balcony spotting whales, dolphins, mola, a couple otters and puffins. Even a school of tuna that I had no idea went that far north.
We stayed aboard in Victoria. Hated to get off. We did a day room thing in town. Revisited Pike's place. Then off to Airport. Heard nightmare stories about long TSA lines.... They were not exaggerating! Should have listened to advice. Flight packed but smooth. Found out the hard way that sleeping on an Alaska air 737 wasn't gonna happen. Still sleepy as a person could get , I stayed awake reliving the great rip we just had.
The mindset on Fiancé was that this would be a one time thing. Not a full day after getting home and she's already fine tuning one southbound on Radiance to get more Alaska time and maybe some inside passage time this trip. 
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Quantum is different than most I have sailed on. Instead of a big long straight promenade It was short with a lot of curves. "270" is a big theater aft with windows to watch our wake in the comfort of being inside.  Very well done design. The aft part of Windjammer had out door seating. We did not do inside passage so 'fiord" feel was in short supply as a trade off...


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4 minutes ago, Cactus527 said:

I'm so glad it went well! I've been reading all your question posts and was wondering if you had done the cruise yet. Jealous! Going back to Alaska in 2025. 😃

Yes it went well. As mentioned the other half is already dialing in a "do over" . The peaceful "vibe" of everything put her at ease. I alluded to this cruise as needing to be special and it was. I didn't mention the reason as I didn't want people thinking I was on some pity trip to 'Get something" . No it wasn't a proposal or wedding.  Kind of the other end of the spectrum. She lost her cat, her thoroughbred show horse (Professional rider and trainer) then to cap it off she lost her mom. It needed to be restful and smooth. It was... 

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