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Dress to Impress vs. Wear Your Best


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20 minutes ago, Fredsbabe87 said:

I just saw a 2021 Mariner Cruise Compass for the same week and itinerary that we will be on next month, and I noticed a "Dress to Impress" dress code on day 3 and a "Wear Your Best" dress code on day 5. What is the difference?

Not much, to be honest. You could argue that Dress to Impress is fancier, but that's pretty subjective. Dress up as much or as little as you want on either night!

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I'll also chime in that when the airlines lost my luggage, I had no choice but to purchase clothes from the limited options in the stores onboard the ship.

I reluctantly had to wear swim shorts and a shirt for both 'dress to impress' and 'wear your best'... While it looked somewhat out of place, to be honest, no one cared (or cared to give me grief about it). And when a bunch of people piled in the elevator in their fancy suits and dresses, the moment I mentioned that I had better clothes, just that the airlines lost my luggage, they all had the moment of "oooohhh that makes sense, what a crappy situation!"

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