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Feeling pretty depressed after reading the RCB post about regretting excursions


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We've been to Falmouth twice, soon to be three times. First time we did the falls. That was fine, good for the first time but I don't want to do it again. Long bus rides, and constantly hassled by people peddling trinkets and drugs.

Second we stayed on the ship.

Years later we are going and have kids. My original thought was just to go to Margaritaville. Close, inexpensive, and can leave when we want.

We ended up booking the Blue Water beach excursion instead.

Now I read this post and both options were terrible. 

Here's hoping!

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I am betting you will have a good time.  My sense of RCL excursions is that feedback on the vendors does make a difference, and they may have made improvements since Matt's report.  Different people have different pet peeves.  Mine is tour guides who talk too much because I like to wander and explore...

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38 minutes ago, teddy said:

For what it’s worth, my wife and I did the Blue Water Beach excursion the first week of this month.   We didn’t do the all inclusive, just the beach transfer.  

We had a good time and will go back if we end up in Falmouth again. It was relaxing for us. 

That's reassuring. Was it too crowded?

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I meant to post this above but I forgot…..I’ve been all over the place as far as organization lately.  Sorry. 

I took this picture shortly after we arrived.  It was around 10 am.  We left around 2 and there was no one directly next to us and a few chairs in the row in front were empty.  

We left when we did in order to have some time to check out the shops and stalls at the port.  


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