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Coco Cay vs Labadee


Coco Cay vs Labadee  

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  1. 1. I see that most RC Caribbean cruises offer either Coco Cay or Labadee as a port. So, that got me wondering: which is better? Coco Cay or Labadee? 

    • Coco Cay
    • Labadee
    • Equal

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Overall? Coco Cay. Yet it also depends on what you're looking for. Take a gander at the RCB tours from their YouTube channel to get a feel for each.

Coco Cay. Fully developed beach resort vibes without the resort (because you sailed in on it).

RCB Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sAQIsvBp1c

Labadee. Hidden beaches in the Caribbean vibes with an impressive zipline, straw market, and tropical trails with historical remnants. 

RCB Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDufV8gx9Cs


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4 hours ago, FireFishII said:

I see that most RC Caribbean cruises offer either Coco Cay or Labadee as a port. So, that got me wondering: which is better? Coco Cay or Labadee?  Is it worth picking an itinerary based on one or the other or both? 

Many thanks in advance!

It's definitely a personal preference. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but we liked both locations. I would try to experience both at some point and form your own opinion.

Labadee is part of Haiti so it has a more rugged, lush terrain surrounding the area leased by Royal. Labadee does offer a number of activities as well (eg. amazing zipline, roller coaster, aqua water park, snorkeling). They offer cabanas, beach beds, etc. We purchased an over-the-water cabana at Nellie's Beach back in MAY 2019 and had an amazing time! Cabana rentals include dedicated attendants. The food is just OK... buffet-style BBQ fare offered during set lunch hours (unless it's changed since 2019) at certain food pavilions. 

CocoCay is effectively brand new now. We were not impressed when we visited the island back in 2010 (bare bones island, no dock - had to tender), but the transformation is mind-blowing. It's effectively a flat sandbar with palm trees (as most of these leased islands are). The waterpark is amazing from what I've seen. The Oasis Lagoon pool is tremendous. Plenty of beaches and places to explore surrounding the island (plus they are in the process of expanding the island to include an adults-only area). They have food "shacks/restaurants" throughout the island, not just the buffet-style BBQ at Labadee. Of course they also have cabanas, beach beds, etc. Back in OCT last year, we spent most of the day at the Coco Beach Club (we purchased the day pass). A real resort experience... the pass also included an upscale lunch (lobster, filet mignon, etc.) in the dedicated restaurant in the club. IMHO, the best filet mignon I've had with Royal to date!

You can choose to just relax or be active at either location. You can choose to not pay a penny more and still have an amazing time at either location. Remember, these locations leased by Royal are effectively an extension of the cruise ship. Most food is included/complimentary and the beverage packages can be utilized at either location as well.

One thing to consider from a crowd standpoint... only one ship can dock in Labadee on any given day, but up to two ships can currently dock in CocoCay. We also love the itineraries that include both locations! Our next sailing this JAN on Wonder stops in both locations... can't wait!

Let us know what you decide!

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Labadee's natural scenery with the surrounding mountains and small beaches in coves throughout the island is unbelievable! My jaw dropped when we were pulling into port.

CocoCay is beautiful, too, but I think Labadee wins when it comes to natural beauty.

CocoCay wins with food and things to do. While Labadee has several activities like the zip line and roller coaster thing, it's nothing compared to CocoCay!

Labadee makes an awesome beach day, though, and I think I'd choose Labadee over CocoCay just because I find the natural environment so beautiful.

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Thanks for everyone's point of view on the 2 locations.  It sounds like I could enjoy both since I am both a very active person but also love great views and history.  

I have been at Coco Cay and was able to get a cabana in the Beach club.  My brother, husband, and I went on the sea do tour and had a blast.  But then the entire family (6 of us) enjoyed sitting back in the afternoon, chilling out.  I definitely want to try the water park if I go back with my kids and grandkids. 

It sounds like I would enjoy Labadee with its beautiful beaches and views.  I would be unable to do the roller costar due to a vertigo thing but I would enjoy the zip line. 

Now I just need to find a time to book my next cruise. 

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On 9/16/2022 at 8:38 AM, ChessE4 said:

I prefer Coco Cay for snorkeling and Labadee for shopping, as highlighted by the other posts.  Either way, you can't lose unless there is bad weather.

Ha, yea what I was thinking.  Wife likes the vendors in Labadee as she can find items we don't see in other places in the Caribbean [ha, I always kid her it's all made in China now, LOL].  But no, she actually can bring home some really nice art work and 'stuff'.  After all, Haiti is not known for it's tourism so when is one going to get there [except for a stop at Labadee]?  As far as the OP question 'which is better' [actually an interesting question that makes one think]...each offers a different experience for us.  We like CocoCay for snorkeling.  But there's a snorkeling excursion in Labadee that's really nice too [Snorkeling Safari...goes to some really nice reefs and great picturesque photos of mountainous seacost of Haiti].  But we don't see the Safari Snorkeling advertised for next year [2023]?  There is a speedboat snorkeling option we might sign up for; not sure yet.  Seems a lot more 'exclusiveness' at Labadee [though Cococay has their $1000+ cabanas too and who rents those if not a party of people]?  Even their beach clam shell lounges have doubled in rental price we see [now $100].  One things about CocoCay is it never feels too crowded for us even with 2 ships in port. Hard to give either port an edge really; we like both.  Labadee has the zip line and I think there's a roller coaster...so that might be a consideration.  But not much snorkeling off the beaches we've tried either.  

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