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I was just perusing the RC ultimate dining package option for an upcoming cruise and saw this language

  • For ships with these venues, Teppanyaki/Izumi Hibachi is included, with a $10 surcharge, Chef's Table is included, with a $49.99 surcharge, and Dadong is included, with a $35 surcharge. These will be charged once onboard.

Dadong?!  I've never heard of this.  I did a Google search and best I could figure is that its an Asian Market experience?

Does anyone have details on this?  I don't think I've ever heard anyone mention it on their blogs, vlogs, Podcasts, Pateron chats and YouTube Q&A sessions.


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From my understanding it’s a version of Wonderland found on one of the ships that frequents itineraries in Asian ports (I forgot at the moment which ship it was I saw it was on). The entire menu seems to be mostly different and was created by a chef who is popular in Asia named Dadong. I’ve seen reviews of it from people who have gone and from what I recall is was very seafood heavy. 

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