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Vegan options in Windjammer

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I remember a post about vegan options in the Windjammer.  There were lots of options, but were not labeled as Vegan.  My DD1 is vegan.  Will she have to ask everyday what is Vegan or has RC evolved into the 21st century to include symbols on the cards indicating Vegan, Vegetarian, GF, etc.  

In the MDR does she need to order from the Vegan menu the day before?  Can she order off menu for a Vegan curry or stir fry if that is more appealing to her?  If so how does she go about doing that?

We are going to Alaska on a trip of a lifetime.  I want it to go smoothly for her and the rest of the family.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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My fiancée is vegan and I am a vegetarian. We have found a good number of selections in the Windjammer; however, they are not usually labeled. I found that there is a little expectation to know how some items are generally made. If something has a sauces or broths that contain meat, there will be signs to say that they do.

In the MDR, they have a rotating vegan menu. I am not sure if you need to pre-request the curry.

This is your family’s dream vacation. The staff and crew are there to make sure you have an enjoyable time. Do not hesitate to ask if something is or isn’t to your daughter’s dietary needs!

Have a wonderful vacation!

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We are not vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.  We do always try to eat healthy.

On our Alaskan sailing, we ordered at least one Vegan dish at nearly all of our meals.  It is true that the Windjammer does not necessarily label the Vegan stuff as vegan, but there are choices there.  

One thing that we absolutely LOVED in the Windjammer...they have something called congee.  Its basically rice porridge.  They have a toppings bar.  Imagine a savory oatmeal.  We topped ours with tofu, veggies, soy sauce and some spices. YUM.

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On all of our cruises this year, I ordered items off the vegan menu almost every night in the MDR. Between the "regular" menu and the vegan menu, I could put together a very satisfying meal.

I have never seen anything labeled as vegan in Windjammer (they DO label gluten free and NSA items) but I'm pretty sure I could put together a decent vegan lunch most days.

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