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And now for the rest of the story…

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Showing my age here, anyone else remember Paul Harvey?

As you have all been so kind and supportive through the trials and tribulations of my brother’s attempt at his first cruise, wanted to fill you in on the final outcome.

1. Royal refunded port taxes, fees, prepaid gratuities and DPB.

2. AON insurance issued FCCs for 90% of the unrefunded cruise fare.  This was confusing because they issued 2 FCCs but he only received 1.  They are reissuing the 2nd.

3. SWA returned the points used for the cancelled flights and gave them $650 in LUV anytime vouchers.

So in the end he had to eat 10% of the cruise fare ($177 we had a very suite deal) and the cost of the insurance ($148).  We are now looking for another cruise to book. I will take one for the team and go too (the things I do for my brother😄😄).  I won’t ever be able to recreate the deal we had on Harmony but at least he got what I consider reasonable compensation for his ordeal.

Thanks to all here, my RC family! 🥰

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