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Liberty of the Sea

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Bingo on our April Anthem cruise was $29.99 for three games.  The prizes were decent, like $350, 650, may be the last was $1000. They held it in 270 so fit a lot of players, which likely helped the prize pool.  

I saw a cruise video you tube vide saying it was $50 for three cards. It’s a Vlog on Liberty so probably more accurate 


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We were in Liberty in January twice, I think it was $30 to start but for $60 or $90 or whatever the special was, that was all than two people could manage. I think that was 3 ipads and a bunch of sheets for 60 or 90. The increase was warranted, spend twice as much get 4x the cards, I can't remember specifically but going cheap was a serious reduction in the odds, so we split a package, my BIL won much more than his investment, we didn't win anything but had fun. Considering how fast we can lose at the casino, it seemed like a bargain to only lose $45 each over the course of an hour or two as a worse case scenario. Jackpots rose as the days wore on, so later in the week had better payouts at the same cost but it seemed to happen most days we just only went when convenient. Those were the mask indoors days so I spent as little time indoors as possible.

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