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How best to get from Civitavecchia port to Rome hotel?


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My Med cruise this summer ends in Civitavecchia, I have a hotel in Rome booked for 1 night before we fly home. Given that we are four people and we'll have 8 pieces of luggage on us, what would be the best way to get there when we disembark?

I've found an article noting that there is a special express train (the Civitavecchia Express) specifically for cruise ship passengers that costs 10 Euro per person one-way. Leaves Civitavecchia just after 9 AM and takes about an hour to get to the Roma Ostiense station. Timing-wise, that's pretty much perfect. But then I need to get from there to the actual hotel, which according to my map app is about a 20-minute drive. Does anyone know if there is plenty of taxi service or similar available at the station, ideally where we could all get into a mini-van with all our luggage instead of splitting up into two cabs?

I could go the route of hiring a private transport to get us there, but that will definitely take longer on the public roads and we only have one day to explore Rome before heading home. Are there any options folks here have used that I should consider? The ship has two excursion options for debarking passengers, which also end at the Roma Ostiense station, but they both focus on touring Vatican City which we've decided we will skip on this visit.

We know we can't do it all in a day, and we're kind of figuring on a less-hectic day. The hotel is very close to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, so we at least want to see those, as well as any other close-by points of interest. If we can get to our hotel by 10:30 or 11, we might try to see the Coliseum as well (although I recall seeing somewhere that you really need to go there right when they open to be clear of the heavy crowds).

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@rjac, thanks for the recommendation. I reached out to them, and they confirmed I could book one of their shore excursions with a request for drop-off at the hotel. But the prices are really high, since it’s a small-party excursion, and I’m tapped out budget-wise. (actually, several thousand over budget)

So, at this point I’m going to book the express train and see if the hotel can send a van to pick us up. Then we’ll just go on our own to see the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, both very close to our hotel, take in the area eateries, and try to find some hidden gems around those two points of interest.

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