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FYI check while booking your kids sail free

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As we we’re completing the booking, the kids sail free discount was not taken off of either of two bookings. I called Royal Caribbean (and reached a person within 3 minutes). He didn’t know why the website was not taking off the discount. The agent couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful, he gave great customer service. He helped us book each room and we got all our discounts including kids sail free. What I’m trying to say is you might want to check your booking to see if you are getting the kids sail free, seems like a glitch with the website.

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The good advice is to always check your bookings and not assume everything comes up correct. We now only book by phone and even then have it sent to us by email immediately where we check it for correctness before we hang up. There have been several times where something was not applied or something we did not want was applied. We do this before the credit card charge is applied. It is easier to have them fix it immediately and resend it than to try and fix it later.

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On 5/13/2022 at 8:37 AM, XtremeGK said:

It's a known issue with the way the website displays the pricing -- KSF gets rolled into the 30% off for all discount line. If you do the math on it, you'll see that it is in fact pricing correctly.

It is actually not pricing correctly. Hence why she was able to call and get the promotion and a cheaper price whereas it was not pricing correctly online.

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