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Florida road trip post-cruise


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Now that we've switched from a Holy Land cruise on Odyssey to the Wonder TA, we're looking for ideas of what to see in Florida. We'll be arriving in Port Canaveral on November 13th and leaving from MIA on November 19th. 

We've already visited KSC and Miami Beach on our last TA but that's it. We're not theme park fans so the mouse and Universal are not an option, though we might visit Disney Springs. My sister and my nephew are Disney nerds so pre-christmas shopping might come in handy. Other than that, Key West and St. Augustine are quite high on our list. If we're lucky with the schedule, I'll try to get us to a NFL game as hubby loves it. I'm not keen on it but I'll take one for the team.

I'd love to read your suggestions for must-see attractions in Florida.

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When you get to St Augustine, also consider driving up or down A1A. It's an interesting small road where you can really get a sense of different communities as you drive past. Good for an afternoon drive with no particular goal in mind.

Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida (just north of Tampa) is beautiful.  A drive from there down to Sarasota is also worth the effort.

There's of course Everglades National Park near Miami.

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I have done the drive from Miami to Key West and it was very nice place to visit.  The only issue with that location is it does not lend itself to easily seeing other places in FL.

I second the Everglades National Park suggestion.  

The NFL schedule should be out within the next few weeks.  

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We were thinking of the Interstate to St. Augustine but disembarkation will likely be pretty early so we have the whole day (minus a detour to Buc-ee's - after reading so much about it this is a must try). A1A and the drive to Sarasota look promising on the map, we'll do both if we can.

Guess Everglades moves up on the list, I think we might try a kayak trip. We'll see if that leaves enough time for Key West - if not there's always next time 😉

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Visit Florida is the official travel site. They would have itineraries that meet your needs. They also have a website called Florida Vacation Auction where you can get some really good travel deals. 


I am a native Floridian.  There are a lot of places that are very different than the road more commonly traveled.  Have fun! 

BTW, Buc'ees is really weird. Good brisket and kolaches. 

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We were native Floridians until we retired and moved to TN.  Remember that FL is a LONG state and a trip going north or south could be hours. Going east and west not too long. From Cape Canaveral to Key West will be a 6-8 hour trip depending on traffic in the area from West Palm to Miami (plus stops).  Cape Canaveral to St. Petersburg/Clearwater area 2-3 hours.

St. Augustine as some have mentioned. Do the "Red Train" or similar to see the sights in St. Aug. If you want beaches, pretty much any coastal town/city will have nice beaches and public use areas. East coast has tan/brown sand that is somewhat course, heavier surf.  West coast has white sand that is fine grain and less surf.

St Augustine with a Jacksonville swing to see the Jags is easy. Tickets to the Jags should be easy too.  Dolphins and Bucs will be a harder ticket to get.

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