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Traveling this weekend for a race and booked a hotel using StayForLong a couple months back via a referral on Kayak.com. Got here tonight and while they had our reservation in the system, thankfully, the "virtual card" provided by StayForLong wouldn't work. I hunted around on their website, finally found a phone number, and called their customer support line only to be told that they'd have to contact their supplier and would call me back in 15 - 30 minutes. At one point they  called the hotel and spoke with them, but couldn't get it working either. When I still hadn't heard from them, the hotel called them back, got the runaround again, and when they finally called me back, they basically said it was a system error on their end and for me to just pay for tonight (despite the fact that I'd fully paid them months ago) and they'd straighten it out with the hotel in the morning and give me a refund. Their system wouldn't let me just pay for tonight, so I wound up having to pay the full amount for the stay (again) with promises from StayForLong that I'd get refunded by them. I'm not holding my breath, especially after reading some of the other online reviews/horror stories - I'm just lucky they even had my reservation, apparently. Needless to say I'll be calling my bank and disputing charges if I haven't gotten a refund by the time I get home on Sunday evening.

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On 8/7/2022 at 1:46 PM, Steve PF said:

Hi there. I am wondering what finally happened. Did you ever get the refund?

Yes, thankfully I did get a reimbursement from them without having to escalate, but I was fully expecting to need to get their supervisors and my bank involved.

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