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On board internet question

Ken Edgar

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I have a question about internet packages.  If I buy 1 device package does that mean we can only use 1 device at a time but can alternately use it between me and my wife phone as long as it is not the same time or do we need to purchase the 2 device plan?   Is there a reason to purchase separate 1 person plans for each of us if we go that route? I suppose we could do 1 with streaming and one without in that case but price would not be much different.

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The only reason I can see to purchase multiple plans is to chat using web-enabled chat apps like whats app, fb msgr etc. Otherwise, if you're mainly getting it to check in with what's happening on land, share photos/videos, do quick email transactions, etc that you can bounce between devices as needed, then no reason to have more than 1.


I also want to put this out there in case it still stands true. When my mom and I got the internet packages for chatting purposes back in 2015 it ended up being more of a pain than it was worth because it kept logging out out every couple of hours meaning messages weren't sending/ being received until we realized we were no longer connected which majorly defeated the purpose. BUT this problem was not present on Odyssey this past september (voom came with our grand suite which is the only reason we used it) and I'm not sure if that's because Odyssey is newer and technologically advanced or if Voom throughout the fleet has been made better. Maybe more frequent users can weigh in on this.

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One more tip -- if you have the 1-device package and want to switch from one device to another, you don't have to log out of one and log in on another -- just use the "new" device to attempt to log in-- it will say "Too Many Devices" and then will give you the option to "bump" the first device off.  Of course, you may want to coordinate if there's another person using the device that will be bumped off.  It does save some time and complexity though.

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