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COVID testing at Port Canaveral


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It was ridiculous.. it was a government reduced form with results that was signed by the nurse. The fact she signed it made it a “hand written note”  in the gentleman’s opinion. There was no common sense to be applied.

i have since been refunded my money (test x 3) after elevating to Michael Baiiley office.

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2 hours ago, APM said:

Yes to both. They didn’t accept my negative test result from the county health department. 
there is a table set up near the doors you would exit the facility upon return from cruise. Sign up, swab, pay, get your results. $105 for each test.

I'm trying to set up other options, but was going to use this as a last resort. If I make a reservation for the test ahead of time, is payment not required until you actually take the test?

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