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DBP milkshakes?


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Yes !  Different ships can have varying rules, however.  A number of years ago I was on a ship (can’t remember which one) and they told me that we had to pay the cover charge in order to get the “free” milkshake.  I’m pretty sure the rules have standardized since then but you still might get different answers on different ships.  It’s supposed to be included though.

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12 hours ago, Pooch said:

Thank you, how are you & Dan doing?

We are doing great !  We have contractors in the house for 7 straight days (except for Sunday, of course) finishing up most of the post construction upgrades so we're a bit displaced (they did the office Monday and yesterday.  We are relegated to the dining room with our temp office)  The only big thing left after they finish the built-ins will be the bird cage and the emergency generator.  Life in FL is blissful.  Only bad news is we had to cancel our B2B on Allure for Thanksgiving which completely sucks but other than that, we are doing great.  Thanks for asking !!!

How 'bout you guys ?  Is it getting cold yet ?  We have the sliders open today.  It's absolutely beautiful here.  Sorry...didn't mean to rub it in.  😇

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