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Escape room since restart


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3 minutes ago, JohnK6404 said:

We did the escape room on Oasis the week of 10/3... 12 of us in the room.

It was $19.99/person and you can only book once onboard... you can book it through the app.

These pics are not that good, but you can see there were 12 of us (pic taken by escape room host)...




I'm quite surprised it was maskless as its and indoor activity!

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We did Mariner with a group of 10. 

Booked on board at guest services, i think the app was only doing groups of 6 .. not sure if they were then putting two groups of 6 in the room together or capping at 6.

Don't recall seeing any signage about masks but we all had ours off already while waiting and the host didn't say anything either way so we left them off.


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Here on the Oasis; Vaccinated-only venues allow maskless guests. You only need to wear a mask indoors in mixed areas, such as the Promenade and elevators. For instance, the casino is vaccinated-only. No masks. It’s also operating with normal capacity. Every seat at every gaming table and every slot machine is open. Pretty much elbow to elbow. So is sitting at the casino bar. However, the first two rows in the Royal Theater, the AquaTheater and Studio B are still blocked off for ‘Physical Distancing’. Even though the lower level of the theater is for vaccinated-only…and the other venues have different show times for vaccinated-only and for everyone.

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