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Don’t know anything about these people but…. 
During my ‘cruise career?’ I have seen and heard about lots of people trying to scam the system by either making up complaints or by grossly exaggerating minor issues in order to ‘get something’ from the cruise line. Some of them were so obvious…I heard a group talking freely in an elevator, bragging about how they got OBC or future discounts. They compared what they got and it was like a game to them…who got the most. Every so often, something would occur to cause either a delay or cancel a port stop. We would go sit by guest services to watch the vultures descend, demanding compensation for the inconvenience, berating the staff behind the counter. They didn’t care that the delay was caused by a diversion to remove a seriously ill passenger. They just considered it an opportunity to ‘get something’. Some people are just not happy unless they can get something for nothing.

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